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Hitchens Supports Barack Obama

discussion on Hardball with Chris Matthews...

Hitchens says Buckley, Sr. tried to get the fringe or nutballs out of the right... like the anti-Semetics and the John Birchers...


Switching Support Hitch on Fox and Why He's supporting Obama

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In between complaining about "the words they're using; the nastiness" of the people attacking McCain and Palin, the imaculately manicured Laura Ingraham, and no you may not call her "Darling", asked an increasingly Benny Hill-like (well, the stylists did their best!) "Lord" Hitch Hitch why he had betrayed the world view he's championed ever since the start of the WOT.

In his defense, Hitch reckons Obama's "got a learning curve; he's more teachable." And in any case, "the losers in this are not me; it's the move-along-dot-org types who are campaigning for someone who says that if necessary, he'll go straight across the border into Pakistan to root these guys out... I'm only saying he (Obama) is evolving toards my position."

Hitch also offers the judgement that McCain "is not the man he was; he's losing height, losing capacity."...

More fun than Birchers

Hitchens may have started the long climb back to credibility with his mea culpa regarding Sarah Palin in Slate. He even called his earlier analysis feeble...

A Man of Incessant Labor
Christopher Hitchens on Buckley.
by Christopher Hitchens
03/10/2008, Volume 013, Issue 25
...He was in so many ways the man to beat. Facing him, one confronted somebody who had striven to take the "cold" out of the phrase "Cold War"; who had backed Joseph McCarthy, praised General Franco, opposed the Civil Rights Act, advocated rather than merely supported the intervention in Vietnam, and seemed meanwhile to embody a character hovering somewhere between Skull-and-Bones and his former CIA boss Howard Hunt. On the other hand, this was the same man who had picked an open fight with the John Birch Society, taken on the fringe anti-Semites and weirdo isolationists of the old Right, and helped to condition the Republican comeback of 1980. Was he really, as he had once claimed, yelling "stop" at the locomotive of history, or was he a closet "progressive"?

Free Radical
Journalist Christopher Hitchens explains why he's no longer a socialist, why moral authoritarianism is on the rise, and what's wrong with anti-globalization protestors.
Rhys Southan | November 2001

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