Friday, October 17, 2008

Jonathan Turley: Looks like voter suppression attempts

On the Rachel Maddow show. Turley says looking at comparisons of voter registration and home foreclosures appears to be attempt at voter suppression...

Very interesting.

On the one hand, election officials have a duty to provide an accurate voter registry under their domain, on the other hand they have to be extra special careful not to remove even one name mistakenly before notifying individuals the name is going to be removed from the voter registry because it doesn't appear to be an eligible name.

Problem is, the voter registry is supposed to be reviewed and any purge conducted 80 days before an election, and some 30 days before an election some removals or flagging can occur, such as names of deceased, and people who have notified the election officials in a change in address.

A subsequent report noted foreclosures could not be a reason for election officials to remove any names from the local voter registry and/or state database.


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