Thursday, October 30, 2008

Federal Budget Online Reveals Two-Party Failure

Google for Government

That's the brilliant idea presented this morning on OK gag we still peek at Scarborough's Morning Joe whom we cannot stand, though everyone else on the program is tolerable and tolerant.

One of the guests suggested the idea. We agree.

correct inefficiencies and waste in government, need to get rid of the waste, first... who's making what at Treasury...

need transparancy...

bloggers, USA Today, free press can function only when you have information...

the guests wants the entirety of the Federal Budget to be placed on line.

Line by line. All the salaries, of every single employee, well, except for all of the Pentagon and the spies, and those handling domestic spying programs, right? And Homeland Security. We couldn't have access to that information, right, or we'd know they've been going into places where they're not authorized, right?

Great idea, though. Guess what, most of what the feds do is unconstitutional anyway.

If Congress and the Prez stuck to only their Constitutional duties the federal budget would maybe only be the size of well the slim size of the Constitution.

And you see, that's the problem with all of the Presidential candidates and Vice Presidential candidates with the exception of one.

That's right. One individual among all stands out for a special look.

I gave you a hint in the posting Better Government Obama vs Limited Government Founders.

I tried to bring in all the other contenders in one way or another, including third-party nominees for President and Vice President.

I could have changed the title of that piece to leave out the name of Obama, but it was Obama who made the statement...

We don't need bigger goverment; we don't need smaller government... we need better government.

One of Obama's proposals is for him to go over the budget with a scapel, not a hatchet, a scapel, closely review line by line all of the programs and he gets to determine which ones work and which ones don't work.

So the Morning Joe guest, whatever his name, is onto a fantastic recommendation, put the Federal Budget online so we the people can all see what the cost of every employee of the federal government actually costs.

It's a great idea and maybe the CEO of Google, Schmidt, as an advisor and endorser of Obama and should Obama become President, the CEO will find a way to get the budget online.

Yep, we need to read that budget so we can determine what the Republicans and the Democrats have given us over all the years they've been at the helm of this nation's budget.


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