Saturday, October 18, 2008

Republican vs Democrat Election Watch The Pilot

Who could ask for a better tug of war style reality program than the sparring over charges of voter 'suppression' vs voter registration of election 'fraud.'

Not us. somebody should cover this election like no other. Show up at the offices of each and every local election board around the country and start investigating all absentee ballots that come in. An independent investiation should begin real time in at least the seven or eight swing states.

somebody should also investigate to make sure that every person who is challenged election day for whatever reason, whether absentee ballot voter, or voter who appears at the polling place as a first time voter without showing identification before voting the unlawful suppression of that voter's right to vote.

Both circumstances must be put out on video real time - this election.

If the election is 'close' there will be havoc if there is even an appearance of either occurance - voter suppression or voter registration or election fraud.

If the election is NOT CLOSE - no matter which major party candidate wins, or maybe a long shot Third Party candidate - the election fraud charges may be pursued to some extent, but it's unlikely any will lead to outright prosecution. Such instances when they do happen are extremely difficult to catch, let alone find enough evidence after the fact to provide for airtight prosecution.

The charges of voter suppression will continue in perpetuity, waiting in the wings for the next election, and the next.

Voter registration fraud may be pursued but if such has been committed and missed will have already had an effect on the election.

As we said, somebody should do a reality program of this election in every state.

Start with Ohio and Pennsylvania and Nevada and New Mexico, and Virginia, and North Carolina...

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Pa. GOP sues ACORN, state, alleging voter fraud
10/17/2008, 6:05 p.m. EDT
The Associated Press

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania's Republican Party sued the state's top election official and the community activist group ACORN, accusing the group of fostering voter registration fraud and asserting that the election system lacks adequate safeguards to stop it.

"The stakes in this action are enormously high: Unless this court acts quickly and decisively, the right to Pennsylvania's 21 electoral votes may be determined by illegal ballots," said the lawsuit filed Friday in Commonwealth Court.

Key Democrats dismissed the suit as a GOP ploy to unnecessarily alarm voters at a time when polls in this battleground state show Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama with a double-digit lead over Republican John McCain. The Nov. 4 election is nearly three weeks away.

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