Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Joan Walsh: Bernacke Buying Up Banks Not Socialism?
Exactly. Many missed Slouching toward Socialism a while back... time to review

slates David Corn also brought up an interesting point about Alaska's taxation of oil profits! It's also 'redistribution' of wealth! Saw it first-hand, and the point was right on.

Sorry guys, fair is fair, isn't it?

West Wing advisor... O'Connell? also provoked conservative Pat Buchanan on Morning Joe, with Mika hosting (again thankfully Joe Scarborough was otherwise on assignement and absent) highlighting the Social Security system is socialistic, progressive and the earned income tax credit has been in effect for decades, supported by both Republicans and Democrats, and Bernie Sanders the only Socialist Party office holder in the country.

Buchanan just smiled and snickered, but didn't say these socialist programs should be discontinued or eliminated or at least called for elimination by all conservative Republicans.


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Just brought up on Hardball that Palin's redistribution of oil profits in Alaska in socialistic. Also said not only should Palin look at the Constitution but should look up "socialist" in the dictionary...

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