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Washington Post email Obama Flag shown fallacious

Yes we receive such emails too. But we do a fact check and respond to any and such unsupportable material quickly. We're seriously assessing Third-Party candidates and want only to find the truth to make an informed decision...

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The email

This is circulating everywhere...

Perhaps there are SOME out there who are beginning to
> get 'the picture'.
> The following is a narrative taken from Sunday
> Morning's televised 'Meet The Press'. and the author is employed by none other
> than the Washington Post!!

The following references

Fictitious 'Wash Post' Reporter Exposed!

In recent months, conservatives have been caught red-faced spreading smears about Barack Obama via emails and blogs and Web sites, their sources eventually unmasked as tainted or Not Real People. It happened again this week when they went bonkers over an alleged African wire service account of a fake quote from Michelle Obama. Now here's another example, but this one is hitting too close to home--the source is a Washington Post reporter named Dale Lindsdorf.

Of course, there is no Dale Lindsdorf at the Post (or seemingly anywhere) but when did that get in the way of a good smear?

Even a giveaway line where Obama endorses an old Coke commercial song as our new national anthem did not deter the 'wingers from believing it. For at least two weeks the "Lindsdorf" account of an Obama appearance on "Meet the Press" on Sept. 7 has been rocketing around the world and back again via email and the Internet, sometimes showing up at reputable sites -- such as the Post itself -- in their Comments sections. Someone even brought it up today in an online chat with Wash Post reporter Ann Kornblut at the paper's site. She said she knew of no Lindsdorf but would check on it (hey, put Bob Woodward on the case). The charge is the old familiar tale of Obama not believing in honoring the flag, and hating America, with the new twist that he said this on "Meet the Press" a month ago (somehow the world missed this) and that it has been confirmed by the aforementioned Dale Lindsdorf. Thankfully, it was debunked today on the site, which traced it back to a satiric entry at an obscure site that was taken seriously and spread widely...

I received this message in my mail today and wondered if some of you can confirm this statement made by Obama on Meet the Press on Sunday, September 7, 2008. I don't listen to liberal news outlets and I'm glad I wasn't watching MTP that day or I would have thrown a shoe through my new HD television set:

Here are his words. Can you confirm or deny (with authority) he didn't say it? Here is the email I received:

Obama's own words

Subject: Obama VERY OWN WORDS!!!

snopes debunks email claims

Debunks 50 Lies of Obama

Say What, Barack?


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