Friday, October 31, 2008

PA Judge: Political Attire OK

That's the ruling... can't wait to see the array of political satire... um, attire aka costumes... aka attempts to sway the undecideds who aren't wearing any McCain/Palin; Obama/Biden; Nader/Gonzalez; Barr/Root buttons in the polling place.

Judge rules on ACORN, voter-attire cases
by The Associated Press
Thursday October 30, 2008, 6:11 PM
A Pennsylvania state court judge has ruled on a pair of election cases, letting voters wear partisan attire and not giving state Republicans an injunction against the voter registration group ACORN. Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson's Thursday decisions did not end either case but were not the outcomes the plaintiffs wanted.

In the voter-attire case, Simpson says courts can't mandate common sense or good taste. Two county elections officers argued the Department of State should not have told counties that voters wearing partisan shirts or buttons should be allowed to cast ballots.

In the ACORN lawsuit, Simpson refused the state Republican Party's request to force ACORN to turn over the list of voters it has registered.

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