Monday, October 27, 2008

Libertarian Bob Barr Patriot Act Supporter?

GOP tries to to push Libertarian Barr off Pennsylvania ballot

This is the Libertarian Platform. . . . This is the Barr/Root position

Libertarian platform vs Barr statements Defense Marriage Act

The Libertarian Party Takes a Hard Right Turn
Monday May 26, 2008

In 1988, the Libertarian Party was divided. Its platform had always endorsed social libertarianism, and naturally included a pro-choice plank--supporting "the right of women to make a personal choice regarding the termination of pregnancy." But a former Texas Republican legislator named Ron Paul had recently converted to the party and was seeking its presidential nomination, contending against a more traditionally libertarian American Indian rights activist named Russell Means. Paul defeated Means in a closely contested nomination fight, becoming the first Libertarian presidential candidate to support an abortion ban. This victory did more than anything else in the party's history previously had to demonstrate that there was a place in the party for moderate members of the Religious Right--broadening the scope of the Libertarian Party to include some socially conservative candidates, provided that they were in broad agreement with its platform.

Now, 20 years later, another former Republican representative has defected to the Libertarians. But unlike Ron Paul, Bob Barr has been a major player on the extreme right wing of the Republican Party. The author of the Defense of Marriage Act, the proposed anti-Wiccan U.S. military regulation, and the DC gay adoptions ban, Barr has shown no particular proclivity towards anything that could be described as social libertarianism...

Would a President Bob Barr sign an executive order banning an army brigade from deploying to USA to aide local law enforcement in potentially quelling civil unrest?

Positions and Views
U.S. President Vice President
Homeland Security & War On Terror
November 4, 2008 Florida General Election

Bob Barr Talks
The best-known nominee in Libertarian Party history talks to reason about war, drugs, pornography, Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Ayn Rand.
David Weigel | November 2008

..."Many of you have come up to me and asked, ‘Bob, why did you author the Defense of Marriage Act?' " Barr told wary delegates. " ‘If you're so set against the PATRIOT Act, why did you vote for it?' Well, let me tell you: I have made mistakes. But the only way you make mistakes, the only way you get things done, is by getting out there in the arena and making those mistakes, and then realizing, as things go on, the mistakes that you've made. And I apologize for that."

That dramatic confession drew a burst of surprised applause from the ballroom. Hours later, Barr became the ninth man to lead the Libertarian Party into a general election...

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