Monday, October 20, 2008

Sarah Palin Must be Held Accountable Obama Pals Terrorist Emails

CNN's Kieran Chetney interviewed David Brody this morning about his exclusive interview of Sarah Palin for the 700 Club.

Brody had the interview tape showing Palin's comments to him about Palin's previous remarks during a campaign rally wherein she said: Barack Obama is paling around with terrorists.

David Brody asks her directly would she say that again, at this point in the campaign.

Yes she would say it again, Obama's associations weren't just one or two times with Bill Ayers

there were "emails" Palin told Brady!

OK now any good citizen journalist out there would have stopped Palin in her tracks and said:

Do you have any of these emails, Governor, any at all which would show Obama paling around with a terrorist, communicating with such about any any terroristic activity in the past or planned

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