Thursday, October 30, 2008

Make Sure Voting System Working

It is said, Morris on MSNBC's early program.

Oh really, Morris? Vote flipping? Potential eligibles removed from voting rolls, in error, but removed without notification by election officials? Reports of actual recalibrations of voting machines during an election? That's a voting system workings?

somebody send this man even one report of long lines in hey it's going on right now, in Florida.

And Florida converted to all paper ballots with precinct optical scanners!

Yet there are 3 and 5 hour-long waits in the Florida sunshine for voters to vote? Plus, Florida permits for curbside voting?

Something is wrong this election and it's called an unprepared gang of election officials in seemingly every single state in this country.

What's working?

At least one thing is working - people are participating in the process - voter registration has reportedly increased. More people registered to vote anew than in 2000 and 2004.

That is exciting. But how much registration fraud was involved and are there inflated registration numbers being reported as a result?

Will states face more election challenges to enable homeless people to use a park bench as a residential address?

Not to say homeless shouldn't have a right to vote, but come on, a park bench? Who's to say the individual won't be talked into registering from another park bench in another state say 30 days before an election? Who's to say that homeless person can't return to a former state park bench location after the election? (a few hundred bucks richer)?

The system is not working by any measure.

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