Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama Advantage Demeanor Steadiness

Pudits on MSNBC's Morning Joe have nailed down the specific advantage Barack Obama appears to possess under the circumstances facing him from every front, and back room.

His demeanor is steady and apparentely at the ready for anything thrown to him.

Maybe this is what lead Colin Powell to endorse Obama, the man, and Obama the candidate.

Powell's comments and statements were not only dramatic, they were intentional remarks which put not only his place in history in perspective, but that of Barack Obama and John McCain.

Powell highlighted what he perceives are Obama's qualifications for President, and made a specific comparison between Barack Obama and John McCain's choice of a Vice President to make his point.

The revelation should be rocking every thinking person who is on the fence so to speak in making a choice between Barack Obama and John McCain.

For Powell, mavericky just doesn't qualify on for President of the United States.

Choosing someone who has absolutely little if any knowledge of foreign affairs, when asked of any foreign policy or affairs policy experience, claiming because she can see Russia from some point in Alaska, over someone who has travelled in the course of his official duties as a Senator to any number of key foreign counrtries did it for Powell.

Powell's comments were an indictment of George W. Bush's handling of the Iraq War.

Here's what Powell said:


Obama gathers Powell's support
McCain criticizes Dem fundraising
By Kathy Kiely and David Jackson

Barack Obama scored two campaign coups Sunday: a record-breaking month of fundraising and the backing of former secretary of State Colin Powell.

The long-anticipated announcement, which came with praise for Republican John McCain but harsh criticism of his negative attacks, gave Democrat Obama perhaps the campaign's most coveted endorsement.

"He is a transformational figure," Powell said of Obama, vying to be the first black president, on NBC's Meet the Press. "He's crossing lines: ethnic lines, racial lines, intergenerational lines."

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