Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pittsburgh Channel Investigates Open Door to Election Fraud Potential

Video: Team 4: Is Your Vote Safe With County Voting Machines?

Team 4 Investigates Voting Machine Security Issues

The way things are shaping up, Pennsylvania's presidential primary could be a deciding contest. But before you go to the polls, there's something you should know about the personal safety and security of your vote.

When you go to the automated teller machine and make a deposit, you get a receipt to prove that you put the money in.

When you vote on the touch-screen voting machines, you don't get a receipt. All of your trust is in the lights and wires set inside a box, which could be a problem.

"We'll do everything we have to do to make sure the vote is secure and accurate," said Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan Onorato.

But Team 4 found the doors to the warehouse where voting machines are stored wide open on several warm days.

The county has installed security cameras over those doors, but a door in the back is not being monitored. It leads to a private company, whose employees often come and go, and that company sometimes leaves its loading dock door wide open.

Team 4's Jim Parsons asked Allegheny County elections director Mark Wolosik if that concerns him...

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