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PA Keystone Opportunity Zones Local Election Factor

KOZ is simply unfair and unconstitutional according to our PA Constitution and its uniformity clause. There is no way around that, no matter how much legislation is passed the basics of our founding document have been snubbed by such legislation.

Anyone who supports such legislation which enables tax freedom for some but not for all reveals in my opinion a lack of principle envisioned by those who crafted the uniformity clause for PA's Constitution.

Rep. Mahoney actually agreed to a similar statement about KOZs being unfair, not uniform, and unconstitutional publicly on WMBS Let's Talk in Sept. 2007. (Who would know reading the local newspapers or watching debates where Mahoney participates)

Yet, he knocks use of the tax-exemption and tax-freedom when a local businessperson approaches city, county, and school officials to have property he owns designated as a KOZ? And, he turns around and votes for a measure part of Gov. Rendell's economic stimulous plan which not only continues the KOZs already in existence, but expands the program.

And by that action, Rep. Mahoney may have actually offered Mr. Gearing an opportunity to continue KOZ status for his property by another 7 to 10 years!

Talk about not understanding the ramifications of legislation you sign on to. Rep. Mahoney is guilty as charged.

On the other hand, Mr. Gearing lacks an understanding of the basics of our uniformity clause as much as Rep. Mahoney.

By seeking KOZ status, and by the way, amid specific criticism highlighting its unconstitutionality and unfairness, Gearing put his own well-being business-wise above and beyond that of similarly situated business owners. In fact, when Mr. Gearing presented his plan of development for his property, another property owner with apartments queried why he couldn't receive full tax-forgiveness for 10 years.

It's reasonable to ask of Mr. Gearing

Will Gary Gearing seek another 7 to 10 years of expansion of KOZ for his commercial property sometime after the election (no matter the outcome)

some resources of importance

Video see back and forth by candidates discussing KOZ positions

DEBATE: Gearing, Mahoney meet the Herald-Standard editorial board By: 10/01/2008 s.cfm?newsid=20146417&BRD=2280& ;PAG=461&dept_id=480247&rfi=6

Info regarding KOZ Status of Fayette Building (and more) uestions.pdf

Monday, September 10, 2007 Keystone Opportunity Zones unfair agrees state legislator Tim Mahoney 2007/09/keystone-opportunity-zones-unf air.html

Friday, May 30, 2008 Lawmakers consider expanding Pennsylvania Keystone Opportunity ZonesPittsburgh Business Times Natalie Kostelni and Patty Tascarella sburgh/stories/2008/06/02/story7.html

Senate Bill 1412, which mirrors a proposal offered by Rep. Cherelle Parker, D-Phila., to expand business and economic development opportunities for communities across Pennsylvania, is now Act 79 of 2008. The measure will extend and expand the life of the Keystone Opportunity Zone program, the state's tax abatement law that is a component of the state's larger economic stimulus package and Rebuild PA initiative... _2008.asp

An Act amending the act of October 6, 1998 (P.L.705, No.92), known as the Keystone Opportunity Zone, Keystone Opportunity Expansion Zone and Keystone Opportunity Improvement Zone Act, defining "unoccupied parcel"; providing for extensions for unoccupied parcels, for additional keystone opportunity expansion zones, for substitution of parcels outside a subzone and for payments; prohibiting illegal alien labor in zones; and further providing for sales and use tax, for corporate net income tax and for local earned income net profits taxes, local sales and use tax and business privilege taxes. llinfo/billinfo.cfm?syear=2007&sin d=0&body=S&type=B&BN=1412

Pennsylvania House of Representatives SB 1412 PN 2285 FP llinfo/bill_votes.cfm?syear=2007&s ind=0&body=S&type=B&bn=141 2

Y - MAHONEY gis/RC/Public/rc_view_action2.cfm?sess _yr=2007&sess_ind=0&rc_body=H& amp;rc_nbr=2038

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