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John McCain: Walk Softly Don't Trip Over Own Words

Walk softly?


Carry a big stick.

Google is tracking search terms used during the presidential election. Top most used during the second debate between Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain? (According to Willie Geist, News You Can't Use, this morning, on the program we watch only because of the guests, not the main cheese, Joe Scarborough.)

Walk softly.

McCain used the phrasing during the debate - a town hall style format.

But it's not quite accurate.

Maybe McCain believed nobody would notice the 72 year old hadn't got it quite right. That is since he was quoting Teddy Roosevelt.

Brokaw: Senator McCain?

Sen. McCain: Well, Katie, thank you.

You know, my hero is a guy named Teddy Roosevelt. Teddy Roosevelt used to say walk softly -- talk softly, but carry a big stick. Senator Obama likes to talk loudly.

the way he said "my hero is a guy named Teddy Roosevelt" was as unnerving as was his reference to his stage mate as "that one," but we'll leave "that one" alone - as we don't have that T-shirt product to promote.

Want to order our book-on-demand: Walk Softly Down Aisle Marry a Big Shtickler, just email.

"Speak softly and carry a big stick." - Theodore Roosevelt

Maybe McCain is being a maverick and intentionally misstates things to show he's his own person. He can make up entire phrasings to prove himself... a maverick, that is.

After all actions speak louder than swords... right.

According to google

282,000 searches... ongoing...

And then there's our shtick take on things.

It is a word, it really is.

And couldn't it be applied to the two top runners from the two major political parties who'd face each other anywhere rather than throw the stipulations of these televised events out the door and open the door to third-Party candidates.

Candidates like ...


Beginning to get comfy with the title...

should be as competitively funny as Steve Doocy's Tales from the DaddySide...

Look what ya find...

Net the Truth Online

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick Debate Video 10/7/08
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Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick
Or speak softly and carry a big stick, which is what Teddy Roosevelt said. Or talk softly, but carry a big stick, which is what McCain said last night’s debate, in which misquotes, mistakes, and lies were rampant.

Not that it was a bad debate, by any means.

But, as Wired reports, it’s no wonder everyone’s confused about issues these days if politicians themselves bumble through copious fibs and flawed statements:

Bloggers and micro-bloggers on Twitter spent the evening sifting through the fibs and exaggerations that the presidential candidates put forth during their televised town hall meeting with voters Tuesday evening in Nashville, Tennessee.

Both the Annenberg Public Policy Center’s and National Public Radio’s Vox Politics blog provided updates at a furious rate Tuesday night. NPR solicited the help of the public by asking them to do a little bit of real-time research and tweet their findings using #factcheck.

Both the candidates were caught on items that ranged from slight misquotes to outright mischaracterizations of the other’s position.

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