Thursday, October 02, 2008

CNBC'S John Harwood: Palin Interviews Nothing There There

Poll Experience to be Prez

Biden Yes 70%

Palin No 60%

Who can resist showing side by side the gaffes of Joe Biden and the unfortunate bushisms turned Palinisms of Sarah Palin.

Sad to say there is a difference between a gaffe - at least that comes from a base of knowledge and the appearance of an "ism" having little knowledge from which to draw.

But hey, as we have no horse in this competition, it's all fair game.

McCain should've chosen the Pennsylvania woman who ran for Governor and had a very decent showing about four years back. Peg Luksik. She has management experience, a wide base of knowledge, and is a conservative's conservative.

Maybe he'll wise up and let go of Palin after tonight's debate event and she makes even one error or covers up by being facetious as she has been in non-answers and doublespeak to Couric especially.

Her answer, she reads all the newspapers in front of her.

Well the punchline is: there are no newspapers in front of her.

Plus, who in the political junkie world reads print news - all is online either for free or through private subscriptions.

she also has email accounts and surely somebody gave her a blackberry to get some sort of news over the years.

Like that umm Alaska oil spill Supreme Court decision...

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