Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shepard Smith Right Analysis

We have to agree with Shepard Smith. The mainstream media even though it consists reportedly of more liberal-leaning folk than not, reported the news, while the pundits and op-ed columnists slanted and twisted, first, for Hillary Clinton and John McCain then for John McCain, then as the public became enchanted with Barack Obama with McCain, and then bypassing McCain slanted for Obama.

It was all opinion people. Media reporters reported on functions, on events, on speeches by candidates, on email updates of candidates, on everything that either candidate said about the other. That's what media does. Reports.

Pundits don't have to report accurately. They can twist what was said to gain attention or for whatever reason.

We'd say Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Mika B. and Joe Scarborough all had their favorites and it showed.

Guests on those programs gave their opinions while on the program as they were asked to do. Most of those guests are not what are known as journalists. They are op-ed columnists with politics as a specialy. Many were analysts of the political goings-on.

Plus, anyone with access to the Internet could have obtained any number of articles from what are known as conservative leaning newspapers and liberal leaning newspapers. By now, everybody who reads any newspaper knows which is which.

That's one reason why Sarah Palin's non-answer to Katie Couric about what she reads up there in Alaska was so puzzling.

Why wouldn't Palin admit she reads the Goosey Gazette, for heaven's sakes.

Shepard Smith on media bias: 'Preposterous!'
Fox News anchor says blaming news coverage for Obama win is 'ridiculous'
Shepard Smith on media bias: 'Preposterous!'
Fox News anchor says blaming news coverage for Obama win is 'ridiculous'

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