Monday, November 10, 2008

Real Country First Party Movement Recommended

Analysis of Joe Scarborough is just simply aggravating. The Republicans are not in disarray after this election, Scarborough says on his program Morning Joe. We'd prefer a more balanced Republican on that program, plus, we can't take Joe's stare when he speaks about Republicans, exonerating them for their behavior this election.

There they were, the national RNC sending out fliers in the last two weeks of the election to those who happened to still be registered Republicans during the unconscionable treatment of Barack Obama by the top of the ticket, John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Obviously, Palin's appearance by McCain's side raised the energy level of Republicans who saw little in McCain and were in threat of turning away from the polls.

Her popularity in Alaska was said to be at a high level, some 80 percent. Just after the Republican Convention where she was introduced to the nation, she enjoyed a similar boost in polls as an unknown.

But as soon as Palin engaged in just a handful of national network interviews, and those details became known, her poll numbers decreased.

After the Vice Presidential Debate, Palin again enjoyed a renewed increase in poll numbers. A McCain/Palin ticket rejuvenated support among conservative Republicans.

Then came Palin's subsequent several misstatements, repeated. Particularly her unfamiliarity with foreign affairs, and a Vice President's constitutional duties.

Not duties a VP would like to enjoy, but actually must abide by performing.

Those are limited.

Conservatives noticed. Just 2 weeks out from the Nov. 4 election, some 60 percent of those polled did not believe Palin qualified to be President of the U.S.

It's yet to be revealed whether her Alaska poll numbers have decreased since the election.

Scarborough was among the many who simply gave Palin a pass = because she was a Republican and because she was a woman.

It almost seemed as if they were using reverse psychology on the rest of us.

Stereotypically, women have been perceived as dumb. Especially if their hair is blonde. So it is sexist to stereotype without having the benefit of knowing the individual woman, or seeing a woman's actions before making that determination.

But in Palin's case, it was almost as if she were planting in our minds - dumb, stupid remarks, or failure to answer questions adequately.

Then she would rebound at least it appeared to be the case during the VP debate.

A close analysis of that debate showed her unfamiliarity with the Constitution. And Palin stated she wasn't going to answer a question, instead she was going to speak directly to the American people and tell them how she handled energy-related issues and issues that affected lives.

Well, that was suitable to many Republicans who don't like questions from anybody who isn't a card carrying Republican or Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity.

But her refusal to answer backfired when she continued to answer incorrectly about a VP's duties.

Again, Scarborough misses the entire point of the McCain/Palin approach. Paling around with terrorists; Obama is a socialist. Obama is a Marxist.

What was the bailout all about? Bailing out somebody with taxpayers' money.

Are we to believe that only when the well-heeled investment bankers, etc receive taxpayers money, only when tax freedom or exemptions are given to Fortune 500 companies and CEO's of those companies, well that's ok that's not socialistic.

When the middle class receives help that's socialistic.

Not that we agree with either approach. We're of the libertarian philosophy on ecomonic issues, with the exception of unfair free trade.

but the Republican approach this election was as Orwellian as Orwellian could get.

And that's what Scarborough completely missed or doesn't want to accept.

Not in disarray? Only in their own minds.

Hopefully, a third party movement will begin out of the rubble of the top of the ticket which used every trick in the book to win.

How about the Real Country First Party

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