Saturday, November 01, 2008

Early Voting Lines Forming Too Few County Polling Places Open


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Aired November 1, 2008
Here in Broward County, on November 4th, there will be 300 polling sites open. Right now, there are only 17. So, that's the reason we're seeing such long lines here.

We heard Dan talked about the poll numbers where he is. Here, they've got somewhat more tight. The most recent one that I saw showed between three and four percentage points...

We apologize for an earlier post which presented numbers for the entire state. We heard only part of the CNN report, missing the reference to one county, and thought possibly Florida had consolidated county-wide but should have realized there were over 60 counties to begin with.

We questioned why Governor Crist by executive order didn't issue a directive for all polling sites to open for early voting as he did enable extended voting hours across the state.

We continue to question why Early Voting states were not prepared in the event the predictions of high voter turnout proved accurate.

Which has happened.

It had been reported going into early voting that one-third of the electorate across the United States could vote early. That percentage to our understanding includes absentee balloting.

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Aired October 21, 2008

...Early voting is under way across the country. Tens of thousands of people casting ballots already. Here's a scene in Denver, Colorado. People able to drive up, dropping off their absentee ballots.

Long lines in Dallas, Texas. At least 31 states are offering some sort of early voting there. Many allow you to vote in person, like in Texas.

It's the same story in Florida. The first day of early voting there saw some problems with broken machines. The wait time for some voters around three hours...

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