Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama Cling Guns Religion Spread Wealth McCain: Fellow Prisoners Joe the Bomb...

That's the choice. Mis-peaking Barack Obama, less than accurate words, misstated ideas and positions.

Barack Obama: cling to their guns, and religion

John McCain: Bomb, bomb, bomb Iraq; my fellow prisoners; Joe, the Bomb... Plumber

In responding to Obama's remarks, John McCain offers the explanation Obama is 'elitist.' socialist Obama refrain is based on a sliver of a segment of an exchange between Obama and Joe Wurlebacher, where Obama uttered the phrasing 'spread the wealth...'

To John McCain's flubs, Obama has said virtually nothing with the exception of bomb, bomb, bomb Iran during the Presidential Debates.

Obama has not referenced McCain's calling a rally audience, "my fellow prisoners," nor has Obama referenced McCain's slip of the tongue, Joe the Bomb... the Plumber...

You decide. There are other Presidential candidates in many states the Constitution Party is on the ballot, as is the Libertarian Party candidates.

Let your principles be your guide.

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John McCain Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran


McCain: Obama Guns, Religion Remark 'Elitist'
April 14, 2008 12:15 PM


John McCain My Fellow Prisoners


McCain Nearly Credits Joe the Bomber


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