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Minnesota Majority: SoS Didn't Verify Registrations

the group calls our country's form of government correctly a "republic." They get points for that, and A+++s.

What Minnesota Majority is asking for is not unreasonable. They want a probe of the Minnesota registration process and procedures that already occurred.

It's just too bad they were forestalled prior to ballots being cast. Maybe some were provisionals, though, not finding the names in any Minnesota database, maybe election judges did their duty by issuing the provisionals, before somebody ordered them not to. Guess who that might have been.

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Will they add Minnesota if rejected or spoiled absentee or paper ballots are included in the recount?

Races that might have been stolen



Senate recount: Franken loses bid to add ballots

The state Canvassing Board's rejection of Al Franken's bid to count rejected absentee ballots stirred new rancor.

By KEVIN DUCHSCHERE and BOB VON STERNBERG, Star Tribune staff writers

Last update: November 26, 2008 -


Soros Funding Franken Recount

Romney chipping in for Coleman


Coleman's Lead Shrivels as Minnesota Recount Begins
Posted Nov 20, 08 3:06 AM CST in Politics


Take the fun judge test if you are game.

Challenged ballots: You be the judge
by Than Tibbetts, Minnesota Public Radio
November 21, 2008



Don't get your blood pressure up thinking that the MN idiots mixed in the absentees, notorious for over-votes and mistakes unable to be corrected at the precinct, and the precinct paper ballots which enable the voter to review a ballot for errors and obtain a REPLACEMENT BALLOT. It's unfathomable that precinct voters would cross out names and the precinct scanner wouldn't detect that as an over-vote, thus rejecting the ballot. A message is clearly displayed for an over-voted ballot. The voter simply asks for another ballot and the judge issues one no questions asked. People embarrassed they may have made a mistake, nuhuh not if you take your vote seriously.

Absentee ballot voters on the other hand can't get a replacement ballot and there are time constraints with deadlines. It's possible those voters would cross out one candidate and try to vote for another. Those ballots should be rejected no matter the intent. People have all day to review the ballot before filling it out, if they can't do it correctly and send it in without such stupid errors they shouldn't be voting.

Don't be surprised if by the end, we see more ballots than there were voters because somebody slipped in a few more.

It happens. Count on it.

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Really good analysis had to post as a swan song of sorts

Conspiracy theories aside, our imperfect system of paper ballots and scanning technology with recounts by hand is just not set up well for elections this close. Even an error of just one vote tabulating every 10,000 recounted will yield a difference of 240 votes when counters are sifting through 2.4 million ballots. Are you confident you could work your way through 10,000 ballots without making a single mistake? ...


The following update is too unnerving to comment since one county appears to be doing its own recount.

In adjacent Hennepin County, the city of Minneapolis, a Democratic stronghold, was conducting its own recount of all 131 of its precincts.


In other words the Minnesota state recount is being conducted all together with the same procedures for counting, recounting, determining intent of voter on paper ballots, with the exception of one of the largest counties in the state and a Democratic stronghold at that. Right, that makes it all appear above board. Can't help but wonder if Hennepin County were a Republican stronghold would the Secretary of State be permitting this?


Minnesota starts recount for US Senate seat

Nov 19 05:25 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press


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Group alleging voter irregularities seeks a probe

Minnesota Majority says the secretary of state didn't verify registrations. Mark Ritchie's office says that's not true.
Last update: November 17, 2008 - 9:43 PM
A Minnesota watchdog group that advocates for what it calls traditional values called Monday for an investigation into alleged voting irregularities that it says can be remedied by eliminating same-day voter registration and requiring citizens to show photo IDs before voting.

At a news conference, Minnesota Majority president Jeff Davis said the group is filing a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice contending that Secretary of State Mark Ritchie had failed to verify voter registrations as required by federal law.

The group is also seeking records from the Secretary of State's Office and county officials under the state's Data Practices Act on registration procedures, such as verification postcards returned as "undeliverable" and voters who registered by having someone vouch for them.

Ritchie spokesman John Aiken said the Secretary of State's Office will forward the information sought by Minnesota Majority. As for charges that the office failed to properly verify voters, Aiken said that officials "just don't think that's true."

Davis said that Minnesota Majority is organizing an online petition, which can be signed by citizens at ElectionIntegrityPetition.com, to bring the issue to the attention of public officials.

Everyone legally eligible to vote should be allowed to do so, he said, but eligibility for everyone should be checked at least 30 days before they vote and verified on Election Day.

Volunteers with Minnesota Majority have found what the group deems voting irregularities after going through registration lists supplied by the state, Davis said. Those irregularities include duplicate records, vacant voting addresses, incomplete registration forms and voters who may have voted more than once.


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