Monday, November 03, 2008

McCain Supporters Quinn and Rose War room: Let Scripture Guide You

On their radio program today, Quinn and Rose discussed the McCain campaign to date and McCain's chances of winning the Presidency. the pair obviously support McCain strongly.

Rose read a few emails she'd recently received, possibly in response to what she'd said during an earlier program in early October, "I don't think you can be a Christian and vote for Obama."

From the October 6 edition of Clear Channel's The War Room with Quinn & Rose:

TENNENT: You know, the other thing I don't understand is, like when we were talking earlier about where these contributions are coming from, why isn't the federal government looking into this? Why is this guy getting a free pass on everything? I can't even look at him anymore. I mean, it's on my screen right now. I gotta -- I can't take it. Now, I'm gonna tell you something else, too. A couple of times now, I've run into people who are voting -- who are Christians, and they're voting for Barack Obama. I'm going to say this. I don't think you can be a Christian and vote for Barack Obama. OK?

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On today's program, after reading the emails which were critical of Rose's viewpoints on Obama, Rose recommended to Christian voters:

Let the Scriptures guide you.

She made reference to Bible passages she said acknowledged the "righteousness of judges," and equated that to Supreme Court Justices to potentially be appointed by the next President.

Rose also referenced the "law of God," (Ezra 7:25) and the "law of Fear..." (Eliza)

While Rose never said, God's choice would be John McCain, she continued to press Christians to let the Scripture guide you.

She didn't veer from recommending John McCain.

Quinn and Rose attendees? McCain rally

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Obviously, the pair discussed their take on our past less than stirling history on the franchiss, too, but

Jim Quinn declared: "Originally, if you didn't own land, you didn't vote, and there was a good reason for it: because those without property will always vote away the property of other people unto themselves, and that's the beginning of the end."

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Law of God

7:25-26 Appoint Judges
The king also instructed Ezra that he was to appoint magistrates and judges to govern everyone west of the Euphrates River. In other words, he was supposed to set up a police force and judicial system. How could a priest possibly know how to do this? Might I suggest that a priest is one person who should know how to do it best of all.
Artaxerxes knew this, for he told Ezra to establish these magistrates and judges, "according to the wisdom of God which is in your hand." Ezra was carrying a copy of God's Law, which outlined what justice was, how it was to be administered, and who was qualified to be put in those positions of authority.

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