Friday, April 18, 2008

Will Rejection KOZ for Hotels Housing Make Legislator's To Do?

Our focus has returned to an issue that has continued to generate a lot of local controversy in the Pennsylvania county incumbent state Representative Timothy Mahoney represents because after the dust settles, no matter who is elected to the state representative offices in Fayette, legislation which extends Keystone Opportunity Zones in the state will remain on the table.

Recap of the issue of Keystone Opportunity Zones in Pennsylvania

Note: state Representative Tim Mahoney had publicly agreed in September last year:

Keystone Opportunity Zones are unfair, not uniform according to PA Constitution, and unconstitutional...

Previous letter is now located at

Recent letter (April 15, 2008) to state Representative Timothy Mahoney:

I had sent an email message to you in the past. We happened to meet locally at the election bureau where I asked if you'd received the email concerning Keystone Opportunity Zones. You didn't have time to specify what your thoughts are at the time, which I certainly understand.

Would you take some time now to review my previous letter. I've placed it on my Wakeup site located here.

The issue of KOZs has arisen anew in recent legislation co-sponsored by Peter J. Daley.

Site info states:

The first part of the proposed legislation would authorize local municipalities and school districts to extend expiration dates of existing undeveloped property within KOZs. It would allow a local option to choose a seven-year extension for the subzone or grant a seven-year extension in which zone benefits would not accrue until a company locates within the zone, at which point zone benefits would be in effect for 10 years from the dates of occupancy.

I'm writing in the hopes of convincing you to decline support of this measure, specifically for existing Fayette County KOZs which are undeveloped and where zoning includes the potential for hotels, conference centers, and housing developments.

In fact, during campaigning for county commissioner spots in the last municipal election, Vincent Vicites and Vincent Zapotosky made separate statements about opposition to KOZs for residential property.

I and others are opposed to any KOZ status for development of hotels since the board of Fayette commissioners recently adopted the hotel occupancy tax.

Many have a long-standing opposition to KOZs for housing developments which are not public housing.

I would be glad to supply you with additional information on these concerns.

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