Monday, April 21, 2008

Clinton Edge Remains Frozen at 6% Eve PA Election

Same six point lead in Pennsylvania to Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama was over an hour late arriving in McKeesport Campus of Penn State. The facilities were already filled with attendees, and about 50 of us stood around outside. Must say, was extremely encouraged by the mix of the turnout and entire families showed up, children in tow. One person had a sign which read:

We R Bitter.

Took a photograph of it. Tried to get video of Obama arriving but no luck.

Heard his opening remarks via loud speaker. Was just a bit disappointed that he opened by thanking everybody for waiting, then of course thanked all the usual suspects before he made a remark about why he was running... A few of us were standing near some trees when he said the same thing we'd all heard reported he'd said before, and to a one of us - not knowing each other - we all said hey we heard that before... how about something really good for us.

As he wasn't saying anything new in those few minutes and it was chilly outside after waiting almost 2 hours there, a few of us left. We'll catch it on youtube. He was also scheduled for a 9 PM appearance near Pittsburgh, about a 45 minute drive from McKeesport.

It was interesting to listen to some political conversations going on while everyone outside was waiting for his arrival. Some seemed upset he didn't arrive on time. Chalk that up to they were either Hillary plants or they wanted to get home already to watch whatever show they usually watch.

tommorrow will tell...

Posted on Mon, Apr. 21, 2008 04:45 PM
Thousands of Pennsylvanians are switching parties to vote for Obama
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