Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fox News Sunday Interview Scoop Barack Obama

On Sunday with Chris Wallace. Fox News Sunday will spend some major time with Barack Obama. We'll see if a round of questions about Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, or "bitter" small town Americans come up. Hope at least Wallace does get the full explanation of the comment Obama made about bitter small town Pennsylvanians and all of us.

Pennsylvanians registered in overwhelming numbers to participate in the Democratic Party Presidential Primary in PA. By state accounts, some 160,000 new registrants or crossovers from Independent and Republican political parties.

An impressive number of college students registered, and all by the deadline in late March, well after the Rev. Wright controversial statements.

Among all voters who surely heard or read incessantly of Rev. Wright's comments, the Bill Ayers question arising during the pre-Primary Democratic Debate hosted by ABC, and Barack Obama's comments about bitter small town Pennsylvanians, it remains astonishing that Obama held Clinton to her 2-week 6-point percentage and basically lost in the popular vote by only some 3 points more than that on Primary Election Day.

Obviously, voters in PA did not take Obama's bitter comments in the same way presented by many in the media.

Clinton won, but by some 200,000 votes and a 9.2 margin, not a double digit spread of ten points.

News media are just now correcting themselves on that, but reluctantly. What they're saying is they are being pressed by Obama supporters to give out the real margin of Clinton's win.

Well, no, how about correcting themselves because it is the truth. Clinton won by 9.2 percentage, not 10, and can't claim a double-digit win in PA.

In fact, because of the proportional way the delegates are assigned, Clinton may have gained in the net only a dozen, if that, more delegates than Barack Obama in PA.

Chris Wallace is obligated to settle the matter of Obama's comments about bitter small town Americans. Obama's direct explanation will be a lot more settling than he mangled his words.

We've given Obama a favorable nod on that point, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't provide a much clearer explanation of what he meant.

In fact, Geraldo Rivera of Fox News gave a very satisfactory explanation of what he thought Obama intended to say.

Brilliant explanation, to our surprise.

If that is what Obama meant, and more, the explanation should sit well with an even larger percentage willing to be recognized among the "We R Bitter."

But how will Barack Obama raise the consciousness of those who are bitter - so they themselves can have a hand in curing themselves?

That's the question Chris Wallace should settle for once and for all.

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