Wednesday, April 30, 2008

O'Reilly All Smooze Zone Interview with Hillary Clinton

During Fox's O'Reilly Factor, the questions came straight from the mouth of Bill O'Reilly himself. No sit-ins tonight. An exlusive one-on-one with Hillary Clinton. A real coup, right.

Formerly credited in large part with maintaining the No Spin Zone, now it's the All Smooze Zone after O'Reilly's question to Hillary Clinton.

Are you surprised that Fox has treated you more fairly than those other networks?

If anybody is watching after that question, for whatever the answer, we'll be shocked.

Goodbye, Big O.

When Keith Olbermann gets the transcript after his live program, Countdown, on MSNBC, we'll be hearing the whippee all across the country.

Notice the Fox article doesn't include the question we've highlighted. Of course not, it was a non-question. The other questions before that were not worth much either.

In the No Spin Zone: Hillary Takes On Bill O'Reilly

the questions are obviously nothing new or different than what we've already learned. Most telling again, absence of the useless question O'Reilly asked and whatever Clinton said regarding any surprise she might or might not have that (according to O'Reilly) Fox has treated her more fairly than other networks...

Can't wait to see Fox 'n Friends tomorrow morning oohing and ahing at the so-great questions - tough - just too tough.

Snicker, wink.

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