Sunday, April 27, 2008

Media Accurate Finally 9.2 % PA Win Clinton Not Double Digits

Well, there you have it. 5 days after the Pennsylvania Primary the media finally finds it within themselves to get the exact and accurate percentage of Hillary Clinton's popular vote edge by 9.2 percent, not double-digits or even 10 percent.

Maybe the Beltway Boys researchers finally visited the Pennsylvania DOS site which compiled the accurate, real, yet, remember, still unofficial results from Tuesday's Primary Election.

Why does it matter? Accuracy matters because in this Presidential contest, even a difference of 1 or 2 votes could make a differene in the amount of committed delegates accrued by a Democratic candidate.

More importantly, the truth matters. A mainstream media that can't tell the truth about unofficial election results cannot be trusted to tell the truth about ANYTHING.

Will wonders never cease. After the Barack Obama interview on Fox News Sunday, (April 27, 2008) during a panel analysis, host Chris Wallace and Brit Hume, Mara Liasson, Bill Kristol, and Juan Williams are discussing his appearance, and bring up Hillary Clinton's win in PA...

Chris Wallace refers to her win as astonishing... says ok some 9 percent plus.

Liasson says hey, it wasn't so astonishing... she was ahead by 20 points...

Bill Krystol his usual self stumps for Hillary Clinton... she's been ill-served by her own campaign...

At least Wallace noted the 9 percent, but he didn't take back the astonishing statement, not even after Liasson pointed out Clinton was favored in polling to win a few weeks prior to the Primary by some 20 points.

the entire exchange made Wallace look pretty bad, especially since he stood by his initial comment that Clinton's win was an astonishing win.

Yeh Chris 9.2 percent is really astonishing.

What's astonishing is the Clinton name has name recognition, and a 100 million plus in income over the years that is enough to buy back the White House and all those pardoned supporters of former Bill Clinton, well where's their cash flow going now?

Update: april 28, 2008

Remember, Clinton had to win by double-digits. She didn't, but not until recently has the media made note of the real percentage, some 9.2 percent win not double digits.

CBS News Transcripts
SHOW: CBS Evening News 6:30 PM EST CBS
April 22, 2008 Tuesday
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