Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Debate Moderator Booed

Watched a poor rental movie instead of the debate, as hey, one of the moderators was Stephanopoulos and he always was a Clinton-ite and remains such.

According to analysis

April 16, 2008
Charlie Gibson Gets Booed! Kinda.

Reference to Ambers comments

Marc Ambinder

The Score Card
16 Apr 2008 10:01 pm

Keeping the score card, there's no way Obama could fared worse. Nearly 45 minutes of relentless political scrutiny from the ABC anchors and from Hillary Clinton, followed by an issues-and-answers session in which his anger carried over and sort of neutered him. But Hillary Clinton has a Reverse-Teflon problem: her negatives are up, and when she's perceived as the attacker, the attacks never seem to settle on Obama and always seem to boomerang back on her. So it would be unwise to declare that Hillary "won" the debate in the dynamic sense just yet. (How much money will Obama raise off this debate? $3m million? $4 million?)

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