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Bob Barr Seeks Libertarian Party Endorsement

Trouble with Bob Barr's candidacy for the Libertarian Party slot for nominee for President? He's breaking with his former party, Republican, who continue to hold the majority position of being pro-life, to switch to the Libertarian Party, whose members remain a majority of pro-choice despite "inroads made" by the Libertarians for Life Committee faction of the party over some 20 plus years.

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Barr's campaign for White House taking shape
Published on: 04/26/08

Barr's electability and Libertarian cred — he's been a party member since just 2006 — his "exploratory" Web site ( showed about $25,000 in contributions within two days...


The Republican Party is the Pro-Life Party

LFL Challenges Libertarian Party's "Pro-Choice" Position

Doris Gordon
Copyright 1985
Originally published in the December 5, 1985 issue (Volume 12, No. 21) of National Right To Life News, Official Publication of the National Right to Life Committee.

Inroads Made

The Pulse: Pro-choice versus pro-life versus . . .

Abortion: It's considered one of the "fault-line" political issues of our time -- dividing Americans on medical, religious, and legal grounds. So, too, is it with Libertarians. This month's Pulse question -- "Should the LP be pro-choice, pro-life, or something else?" -- drew the largest response ever and some of the most passionate answers.
The results of this unscientific poll confirmed what the LP Platform states: That "libertarians can hold good-faith views on both sides [of the abortion debate]." Using arguments based on Libertarian philosophy, the U.S. Constitution, and simple pragmatism, Libertarians were sharply split on this issue.

A firm "pro-choice" position was the plurality favorite, but with only 35.2% of the vote. Another 30.2% took a solidly "pro-life" position. And 18.6% said that the party should take no political position on this issue.

However, the responses didn't stop there. Another 4.9% said the party should be pro-choice until some point in the pregnancy (either a set date, the beginning of brain activity, or some other measurement), and 2.3% said that the government should take no position on abortion -- which would de-facto legalize the procedure. A final 8.8% gave answers that were indecisive or confusing.

A Closer Look at the Libertarian Party Platform
From Tom Head,
Your Guide to Civil Liberties.
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Apr 3 2008

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