Sunday, April 20, 2008

Arnold: Explains Global Warming Skeptics Just for Business

Finally, a major supporter of the theory of manmade Global Warming reveals the central reason he believes global warming skeptics don't by the "reality."

It's all about "business," Arnold Schwarzenneger, Governor of California, said during an interview with Brian Kilmeade.

What a sad excuse for a truth-searching interview.

Kilmeade, naturally, obviously taken with the Governor, said absolutely nothing in defense of skeptics of global warming who are not CEOs of related big-business.

Those are coming out in large numbers recently, but you wouldn't know it listening to Brian Kilmeade.

One California lawmaker wants to mandate global warming as a subject in elementary schools. You wouldn't know there's any criticism listening to Kilmeade ask the governor of the state nothing about the curriculum he would support.

California Lawmaker Wants to Make Global Warming Part of School Curriculums
Saturday, February 16, 2008,2933,330932,00.html

Kilmeade isn't even a weatherman. Steve Doocy should have conducted the global warming part of the interview. Doocy at least would have had an understanding why many experts are skeptical that the global warming theory by so-called concensus is a reality.

It has something to do with statistics that show the earth is "cooling."

World Net Daily has a decent archive of material.

Lists many of the expert slash skeptics

Check our sidebar on the Special Issue of Global Warming.

Do a search here and elsewhere for experts such as the ones we find our tops in simplifying the issue:

Dr. William Gray, Roger Pielke, Christopher Horner, and Dr Henry Clemmey.

The video that's been posted to our site for months The Great Global Warming Swindle, and more.


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