Thursday, April 17, 2008

Debate Moderators Neglect Questions about Clinton pardons

Seriously, during the debate last night, one would think once the issue is brought up about the Clinton pardons, by Barack Obama, in response to Clinton's criticism of Obama for meeting with or being associated with a former member of the Weather Underground, one of the two moderators would have picked up on the entire issue of all of the Clinton pardons!

That neither did was very telling.

The pair kept bringing up every matter of association of Barack Obama, but neglected to hone in on Hillary Clinton's self-promotion as having experience gained from 8-years as First Lady.

Those years included knowledge of how, when, and why individuals were pardoned, or sentences were commuted during Bill Clinton's presidency.

Analysis by Christopher Wills and Calvin Woodward

And not one question about Hillary Clinton's brother Hugh Rodham's acknowledged 'lobbying' for such pardons back when.

According to the Tribune-Review:

Sen. Clinton's brother draws small, enthusiastic crowd

Rodham, a 57-year-old Florida attorney, is probably best known as brother-in-law Bill's golfing partner during the 1990s. He also is known for accepting $400,000 in legal fees from clients to lobby Bill Clinton for presidential pardons before he left office. Rodham eventually returned the money.

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