Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lou Dobbs Sings Independence Day Eve Democrats Debate Duel

Lou Dobbs in top independent promo form tonight wonders whether Hillary Clinton herself will raise any question challenging Barack Obama on his statements about 'bitter' small town Pennsylvanians, and others.

He asked his panelists the question.

One said she won't as candidates usually leave the questioning to the moderators, etc.

Get transcript.

Last night, Dobbs couldn't get in everything about Barack Obama's bitter statement, but he tried.

We wonder every time we hear Dobbs whether he really does have his own plans tight to his chest. He's already been notified he's a drafted Presidential independent candidate with a website already established for him.

Draft Lou Dobbs effort begun
A group dedicated to fighting illegal immigration today launched an Internet effort to cajole one of the most vocal and well-known advocates of that cause -- CNN's Lou Dobbs -- into the presidential race as an independent.

The website (found here) was set up by the Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALIPAC), headed by North Carolina resident William Gheen. He was prominently featured in a recent Wall Street Journal article that summed up speculation about a Dobbs run -- and served to add fuel to such talk.

The 62-year-old Dobbs, who over the years evolved from a fairly traditional financial correspondent for CNN to a full-throated advocate of economic populism, told the Journal he wasn't planning on a White House bid, saying he did not have either "the personality or nature to be a politician."

But then, in the best tradition of politics, he left the door open ...

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