Monday, April 28, 2008

Liberal Media Giving Racist Democrats Excuses for Obama Rejection

David Axelrod will be a guest on MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews. The exchange comes minutes after Matthews makes every effort to associate Obama with the words and actions of retired pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Matthews or one of his guests said Wright is narcissistic, everything is about him. It's not about America, or the campaign of Barack Obama, or anything else except Wright himself... he's going for his 15 minutes of fame.

Gee whiz. Does the media want to keep this manufactured controversy going for the ratings or what... who cares what Wright says about anything? Only the media which couldn't find the truth if it smacked them in the face.

If Obama wins North Carolina by 8 or 10 points, but loses Indiana by a few points 3 or 4, will the Rev. Wright factor into the loss, asks Matthews of his gathered panel, still awaiting Axelrod.

Hey Chris, how about if Obama loses Indiana by whatever amount he will have lost Indiana by whatever amount and because Clinton got more votes for whatever reason voters will use to NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA. If people want to continue to use Rev. Wright as an excuse not to vote for Obama, go ahead. It provides a convenient excuse to reject a man because of the COLOR OF HIS SKIN. Period, end of analysis.

That's why the media - mostly white - keeps the Rev. Wright story going. Wright could say everything glowingly supportive of how the United States has conducted itself and the media would find something the pastor said that is viewed by mostly conservatives as anti-American. Seriously, now, conservatives have tagged liberals as anti-American for how long now, how many decades. Now all of a sudden, a liberal black pastor makes similar far left statements - and it's as if Obama himself said them because the pastor is his pastor and spiritual advisor to his campaign...

That's only the surface of what's happening. We'll bet on it. What is really happening is so obvious - white Democrats who remain fearful of blacks in positions of power need a "concrete" and acceptable excuse to not vote for a black man for President.

Now they have that excuse in the words and actions of Rev. Wright the media keeps playing over and over so even the stupidist of white Democrats can get it - hey, I can just say I didn't like Obama's association with that (anti-American) kook, Rev. Wright, or I can just say I didn't like Obama's comments about bitter small town Pennsylvanians, or Americans, or I can just say I heard Rev. Wright say Obama is after all a politician - and that will be the reason I do not vote for Obama.

Yeah. Whew.

Axelrod arrives on Hardball. Asked why after Obama didn't diss Wright, but distanced himself from his words, not the pastor, Wright goes on a book tour basically, and puts it in Obama's face... how should Obama respond... something like that. Axelrod responds... he can't speak to Rev. Wright, but there are other problems in this political race.

Matthews presses on: Obama leads, all the polling is there, he's ahead... yet this Rev. Wright, his comments, tears at it, that lead.

Matthews then continues, unprompted by Axelrod: ...that gives excuse not to people who are racist, says Matthews, but who can think hey, I'm gonna move away from Obama...

See there people, get this part of the transcript. This is all you need to agree with what we're saying in this post.

Matthews knows what is up. He knows precisely what is up and he gives us a wink and a nod right then and there.

Rev. Wright gives an excuse, not to people who are racist, but who think hey I'm gonna move away from Obama...

Seriously that is the heart of it and Matthews caught on just as we were writing this. But he would not say it, so he cleverly - very cleverly - deflected by phrasing the way he did.

Why would Matthews even mention racist people in this discussion? He mentions them because the thought crossed his mind as it has ours - there are liberal white racists who are members of the Democratic Party.

They do exist. The Democratic Party doesn't want them to exist, but they do, in their own Party ranks as voters.

They are hidden behind their masks and now have at least three circumstances they can point to as an excuse they need to reject Barack Obama.

But all along they were looking for some excuse other than the one they have - they are racist - don't want a black man as President of "these" United States - and now they have right towards the end game - that excuse - handed to them by the mainstream media and such like Chris Matthews.

What perfect cover for white racist bias.

Fortunately, Pennsylvanian voters showed in part they are not all racist and fearful. Obama lost in the popular vote there by only some 200,000 votes. Clinton won the state by 9.2 percent, not double digits. And Clinton had an early lead of some 20 points two-weeks out from the Primary which Obama narrowed down to a 6-point lead going into April 22.

And because of the system of proportionally distributing delegates, Obama garnered only 10 or so fewer delegates to Clinton from the Pennsylvania distribution.

Come on North Carolina and Indiana. Show us what you're really made of.

Bradley has it right. Rev. Wright is a media story.

And now you know why.

Video link Bradley: Rev. Wright 'a media story'

(Net the Truth Online)

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