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Hillary Clinton Gets Pass on Bosnia Story No Questions about Chelsea

We noticed similarly a tad bit of a slant when Politico owners appeared on networks Friday and Saturday. We switched back and forth so often, we forgot which network captured the interview that was so revealing - the politico founder or contributor was simply speechless about the stats that were showing Obama's poll numbers were actually on the rise after the ABC debate.

As we reported today, the Fox Morning Show panel interviewed Jim Pinkerton, who didn't even bring up the fact a crowd of 35,000 attended a rally in Philadelphia to hear Barack Obama...

Seriously, the fact that amount of Pennsylvanians turned out for Barack Obama after the past month's worth of a combination of things - but particularly the week-long discussion of Obama's comment about bitter small town Pennsylvanians shows Pennsylvanians have it in them to ignore the media and whatever it is the media thinks or portrays as truth.

It isn't so much that the media shouldn't have discussed Obama's comment, it's that the media discussed, and discussed, and discussed for an entire week - from last Friday to this Friday, and beyond a day into Saturday, and even Sunday!

Yet, how often has the media talked about John McCain forgetting or not knowing the difference between Shiite and Sunni? A smattering of times. Had McCain been the focus as much as Obama, McCain's numbers would not be anywhere near where they are now.

As for the story of Hillary Clinton and daughter being under sniper fire in Bosnia, recall, it wasn't until ABC News broke the story as simply not happening that way that there was any focus put on the story.

Where was the media when Hillary Clinton recited the story as true at least two or three times while campaigning?

Where was the media looking out for us asking Hillary Clinton why would she take her daughter into the country if she had knowledge beforehand of the potential for any danger? Once aware there was sniper fire as they got off the plane or shortly afterwards, or whenever, why didn't Hillary and daughter flee the hell back to the plane?

The entire story would have fallen apart had the media asked Clinton the rest of the story - which would make the most sense - as soon as I noticed or was aware we were under sniper fire, I grabbed my daughter Chelsea and ran with her to safety!

Wouldn't you? That's why we don't trust the media. They've shown their bias by not asking Hillary Clinton one question about the circumstances of her daughter's life being in danger on a trip to Bosnia. A story which to all was true, until the exact time ABC News disproved it.

Our prediction: Pennsylvania is going to have a really big shock on Wednesday, according to .... Smerconish, radio host and sit-in often at CNN and Headline News Glenn Beck, who during the past couple of days has unequivocally said he believes Barack Obama is closing in and will win Pennsylvania.

(Net the Truth Online)

The following site asks you to participate in the poll question at

Check the lower right corner of the homepage

Obama's secret weapon: the media
Do you think many journalists are not merely observers but participants in the Obama phenomenon?

Apr. 20th, 2008

Politico owners start interjecting themselves into the election's outcome.
Politco owner/editors John F. Harris & Jim Vanderhei, who previously misrepresented Politico's own interview with Barack Obama, and repeatedly and aggressively attacked John Edwards' haircut with numerous big headline news stories, recently penned a transparently obvious hit piece / editorial against Obama and his supporters, accusing the media as being biased in favor of Obama, accusing Obama supporters of "whining" about the balance of the recent ABC debate, and defending that debate as being "more substantive than other debates".

In an attempt to try to give their latest ludicrously slanted editorial -- which they've been relentlessly hyping -- some degree of credibility, they've posted a poll to the bottom right of their front page, asking:

Obama's secret weapon: the media
Do you think many journalists are not merely observers but participants in the Obama phenomenon?

Note that they aren't asking whether many journalists are not merely observers but participants in the Clinton or McCain campaign. Apparently, everyone knows Bill Kristol's or Paul Krugman's editorials at the NY Times are completely balanced, right?!

Apparently, it's a "phenomenon" and not common sense when the majority of Democrats vote for the most honest, trustworthy, optimistic candidate running the best organized, most successful campaign that focuses primarily on the issues that matter to people, rather than on sleazy attacks.

So, take a few seconds, go vote no to their biased poll... and please feel free to crosspost this to let other Obama supporters know that they should do the same...

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