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Curiouser Couriouser Government Raid Texas Ranch


Polygamist sect hearing in Texas descends into farce
Apr 17, 8:11 PM (ET)

This is looking more and more like a set-up, sad to say. All of the children at the Texas compound were removed. A few women from the ranch have come forward to speak about how the children were taken away.

There are allegations of abuse.

One of the women responds that's from a phone call that nobody has yet proven is legitimate or accurate.

One does have to question why young children are being interviewed or interrogated by authorities without the presence of at least the mother.

Jeanne Pierno, right, there should be an investigation on allegations.

But seriously, usually, you have the witness available to give a preliminary statement or testimony or sign an affadavit before you go in anywhere, remove children from the home, and then make serious inquiry of young children. And would the child not have at least the mother - who is not accused of abuse - present?

There has been no witness step forward. Whoever made the initial phone call has not stepped forward, been named, or identified.

Pierno suggests DNA tests be done on all of the children and fathers?

Get real. That isn't America.

Even the state has to show cause for such.

While abuse of children is not to be tolerated, this situation is disturbing for the way the "state" is handling not only removing the children from the home, but the questioning of the children done without the presence of the mother.

We wonder whether anything that results from such questioning could be trusted as accurate at this point.

There have been studies about how the minds of children can be manipulated in cases of alleged abuse. One case involved a day care center where such charges of abuse were made, but were later shown to not have occurred.

we're not saying the religious "polygamy" sect shouldn't be investigated on even anonymous charges of "abuse." But the way this has been done just doesn't seem the right way to go.

What a traumatic situation for the children. Let's hope each gets to be reunited with their mother, and that mother should be present during any interviews.

What a mess the state has created by its action.

(Net the Truth Online)

Youths' 'Tainted' Testimony Is Barred in Day Care Retrial
Published: June 13, 1998

IPT Journal 1992
Assessing Credibility of Children's Testimony in Ritual Sexual Abuse Allegations1
Hollida Wakefield and Ralph Underwager*
ABSTRACT: In alleged ritual child sexual abuse, there is seldom any corroborating evidence and the case hinges on the statements of young children. Although the behaviors alleged are bizarre and improbable, adults accept them as true since it seems impossible that a child would lie or fantasize such detailed and unusual accounts. However, crucial to assessing credibility is a careful analysis of adult social influence on the children involved. When children are subjected to multiple formal and informal interviews, sessions of therapy, and interactions with adults who believe that ritualistic abuse is real, the adults inadvertently shape, mold, and reinforce the stories and drive children into their fantasies. When this happens, the child is likely to internalize the details and believe in the truth of the stories. Understanding this process of social influence is central to assessing the credibility of children's testimony.

Texas defends separation of polygamist sect kids from moms
FLDS members responded to raid with song, prayer
By JENNIFER DOBNER | Associated Press Writer
4:24 AM CDT, April 16, 2008
SAN ANGELO, Texas - When police officers armed with weapons and protective gear descended on a West Texas ranch owned by a polygamist church, its members responded by going to their knees in prayer.

Images released Tuesday show police entering the Yearning for Zion ranch on April 3 wearing body armor and carrying automatic weapons, backed by an armored personnel carrier.

"They responded by singing and praying," said Rod Parker, a Salt Lake City attorney who serves as a spokesman for the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He released four still photos and a slice of video to The Associated Press.

Sect members took the photos and video during the first few days of a seven-day raid that involved police agencies from six counties, the Texas Rangers, the state highway patrol and wildlife officers. Authorities were looking for a teenage girl who had reported being abused by her 50-year-old husband...,0,2747375.story

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Daniel Baker said...

I agree with much of what you wrote. This whole affair greatly disturbs me. The abuse of governmental powers, the deep trauma inflicted by Texas CPS on these children and parents, and the chilling precedent this sets for them to abduct the children of anyone whose lifestyle or religion they simply do not like. Everyday the news coming out is just more and more horrible!

Just yesterday there was the report that a Utah couple were indicted for sexual abuse of an underage girl. Those who did this awful thing were investigated and arrested. It was a targeted investigation and bore credible results. Texas should have done the same!