Thursday, April 17, 2008

Make Silly Mistake Have Bush Gore Clinton Obama Pick Me Up

Inadvertently ask a silly question you don't realize is silly until after you've asked it? Make a ridiculous statement you wish you could take back?

Some of us do this more often than we'd like. We wonder why did I just say that - that way, ask that when I didn't have to since it was so silly to ask... and on and on.

Pick up your mind by thinking about your better side. The one you present more often than not.

Press on with life. They do.

What's amazing is watching politicians flub-up and get up the next morning and go out and face the world - the watching world. The world that captures their every flip-flop on youtube or hulu or whatever avenue to reach a billion people around the world.

Read a wealth of Bushisms. Those will give you a sunshine moment - glad you're not Bush with a Yale education and membership in Skulk and Bones.

Even Bush poked fun at himself during one of those Toast-Roast dinners with news correspondents.

Revisit the Gore Gaffes, those will help you "cool" down.

How about John McCain. The Arizona Senator is on a trip with his colleagues who support his candidacy Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. Joe Lieberman, and he has to be corrected on camera, live, about the difference between Shiite, Sunni, etc.

He even flubs up a second time, maybe more if the Press isn't there or a youtuber.

Another McCain Shiite-Sunni gaffe? - First Read - msnbc.comApr 8, 2008 ... John McCain and Gen. David Petraeus, in which the presidential hopeful mistakenly identifies Al Qaeda as a Shiite group. ...

Think about Hillary Clinton's Duck Tale. She shot a banded duck. Gush gush. that means somebody just released it from a cage and she pointed, shot, and hit a defenseless duck. What an example of what? She knows how to hunt? That's slick.

Or how about Hillary Clinton convincing herself she'd been under sniper fire when visiting Bosnia during her husband's administration - with her daughter in tow at the time?

Did your little error or poor choice of question even in your imagination put the life of your child in danger? Wouldn't you have thought before speaking, hey this would show I don't care about my own daughter's life, so why say it, even if I think it's true at this point in time?

That should take your mind off your silly little question or comment. One that may be out-there forever in internet land because you can't remove it from the comment-archives.

And then there are Barack Obama's statements inspirational gems on the one hand, then another day more puzzling than those 3-dimensional globe puzzles.

Obama's re-statements about his statement about "bitter" small town Pennsylvanians who cling to guns, religion, anti-free-trade, and anti-immigration positions don't clear much up about what he actually meant. Readers or viewers of the explanations are more confused about what he says he meant to say than what he originally said.

Actually, we can continue to take our minds off our own problems and continue to come up with our own interpretations of what he meant to say. That would provide more entertainment than wondering about re-statements, or explanations.

Obama's latest explanation of the statement, however, stands as one of the two most important reasons to look to the politicians for solace about your own errors, mistakes, ill-thought-out questions:

Obama says right out for all of us to come to an understanding about everybody's nature and character:

he mangled his words, he's mangled them in the past, he'll mangle them again.

Think about it. A figure of power admitting he'd mangled his words and would be human error-prone enough as in his own past to mangle his words again.

Who among us cannot take comfort in that? Somebody with a Harvard law school education, mind you, revealing he's as human as everybody else on this planet, and he still gets up the next morning to face another day.

a day wherein, after all, he has just as much chance as the rest of us to mangle words.

Obama still gets up the next day and faces another round with two ABC moderators who aren't anywhere near moderate with him and opponents who are only to willing to replay his every mangled word.

All of them and more still get out of bed and face the world. They don't wallow in remorse about mangling words, appearing foolish or silly, or having a senior moment, or a junior moment.

so who are we to feel so bad about ourselves when we ask or say something silly.

Life is too short to feel short ever more. Gore never does, feel short. Not even after alluding that people who don't believe in manmade Global Warming are flat-earthers and don't believe man landed on the moon!

We kid you not, Gore actually likened us the most skeptical of the skeptics to people who haven't traveled in the New World or seen photographs or used Google Earth to find, gee, the earth is 'round.'

And hey, why the bashing of those of us who don't believe the government has provided absolutely verifiable proof there was an actual moon-landing.

Al Gore on 60 Minutes: Skeptics like Flat-Earthers and Moon Landing Hoaxers

So for all of us who make a mistake, misspeak, ask silly questions, we have our ace in the pocket, our mental pick-me-up whenever needed.

all it takes is coming up with a prompt when you feel down.

something like
shitte sunni hilarooni
duck for cover
mucho mangle

no matter which of the three presidential contenders become President, or if none of them do, and it's somebody else, we can always look to them, and predecessors, for that much needed and available pick-me-up.

Bushisms and Funny Bush Quotes

Hillary Clinton's Duck-and-Bunny-Tale, Dog-and-Pony Show

Free Republic diss-cusses Barack Obama - now and should Obama become the next President for eight more years, and beyond.

Don't forget about Al Gore

Though the controversy remains alive as to what Gore actually said about his role in the creation of the Internet (he ok'd money for it... invented it... had a pen-in-hand on check to help create the Internet... whatever you want to say about Gore's comment regarding the Internet

From conservapedia

Speaking of his Senate career, Gore said,

“ I took the initiative in creating the Internet.[7] ”

In the spring of 2000 Gore told the International Press Institute in Boston,

"For all of my career, I have believed that America has a responsibility to lead in the world. ...we must also recognize that there is ...a set of threats that affect us all and that transcend political borders....we need a foreign policy that addresses the classic security threats -- and understands the new ones as well....We need to pursue a policy of "forward engagement" -- addressing problems early in their development before they become crises; addressing them as close to the source of the problem as possible" [8]

"I used to be the next president of United States of America."

That last comment has to get you up from the floor after you've made a mistake or asked a silly question (ok already, been there, done that)

Now really, if that isn't inspirational, what will be?

That may be the only promt you ever need.

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