Tuesday, June 03, 2008

South Dakota exit polls

South Dakota exit polls race a factor 15 percent

83 percent race not a factor

49 percent want change

Polls close 20 minutes in South Dakota

Hmmm. Clinton is called as the winner with 19 percent of vote in.

Guess those exit polls were certified as accurate before the actual votes were tallied. were there any absentee ballots?

Net the Truth Online

updated 4 minutes ago
Clinton wins South Dakota as Obama clinches nomination

Sen. Hillary Clinton will win the South Dakota primary, according to CNN projections based on exit poll results and actual voting...

...Clinton's lead mirrors strong performances in other states with largely white electorates. Eighty-nine percent of those answering the poll were white, with black voters -- who have overwhelmingly supported Obama in primary after primary -- making up only 1 percent...


Back story

Feds Probe Voter Fraud in South Dakota
Wednesday, October 16, 2002

WASHINGTON — Federal officials confirm that a vote fraud investigation is unfolding on Indian reservations in South Dakota, home of one of the tightest U.S. Senate races in the nation.

Federal officials in Washington told Fox News that so far, the alleged fraud is said to have occurred on the Cheyenne River Reservation and the Pine River Reservation, and an investigation has been ongoing in six counties, including Dewey, Ziebach and Fall River.

According to officials, the FBI has uncovered the registration of minors, dead people, and people who do not exist. Many of the registrations have included bogus names and invalid addresses.

Investigators said in one case a woman was registered to vote a week after her death.

They have also found multiple absentee ballots distributed to the same registered voter but returned with different signatures, the officials said.

The case was brought to the attention of the South Dakota attorney general's office when county auditors began discovering problems with absentee ballot requests and votes. State Attorney General Mark Barnett said the investigation has been ongoing for two weeks.


Out With a Bang
New polls for the last two primary states are rosier than expected for Clinton.
By Lucy Morrow Caldwell
Updated Tuesday, June 3, 2008, at 12:11 PM ET

...Meanwhile, in South Dakota, Clinton commands an overwhelming lead, garnering support from 60 percent of Democratic voters, compared with Obama's 34 percent, again with a four-point margin of error and 6 percent of South Dakota voters reporting that they are still undecided. Among the state's probable primary voters, 11 percent say they would never vote for Clinton, while 27 percent would never vote for Obama.

The ARG data run counter to earlier polling data. A Mason-Dixon poll in mid-May reported that Clinton trailed Obama by 17 points. Likewise, an April poll conducted by Dakota Wesleyan University found Obama leading by 14 points...


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