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Clinton Legacy: Use Every Divisive Cultural Division Against Own Progressive People

Clinton Two Day Two Step Fake Claim More Popular Votes History

Hillary Clinton will have a mere two days to continue to press the claim she's captured the most votes in a Primary Election in Democratic Party presidential nomination history.

What Clinton has left out? Actual numbers in popular vote which were obtained in caucus states. A few states which hold those odd Democrat Party caucuses don't report final numbers in actuality or reality. Instead, the state Party by its own history divvies up the committed, at large, super delegates by proportional representation.

This is such an interesting phenomenon if anybody needs a book report, this is it.

If a citizen journalist needs some more to write about, how the Democrats do their party thing for nomination of President is a goodie.

Hillary and Bill Clinton have used whatever variaty of psychological warfare against Obama according to well-respected Pulitzer award winner, Carl Bernstein, covered only here at net the Truth On Line.

This latest shows how far the Clintons will go to capture what both surely believe in their heart is owed or due them. A historical legacy unlike no other ever - a husband and wife team who captured the hearts of the United States, and the White House.

A few years down the road, daughter Chelsea would have been on the same path to an unparalled and unmatched historical imprint.

Not so the instant Barack Obama crosses the barriers, and the prevailing threshold of a majority of "delegates" of different stripes.

Who ever heard of superdelegates before this election? Not the man or woman on the street. Insiders knew. Your federal representatives and senators and state governors and general assembly members were aware.

But few of us.

After the final two states, Barack Obama will capture the required delegates since he's only 38.5 away.

South Dakato and ... have between them a total of

Katrina vanden Heuval, editor of the Nation magazine, appearing on MSNBCos Morning Joe enables Hillary Clinton to continue the "sexism" among the media, but does truthfully state the Clintons believed they were entitled.
Buchanan tries to ask her to support the contention there's been sexism.

Tucker Carlson

Maureen Dowd

called her names

Interesting, is it sexism when another woman calls out a woman for using her own sex to get what she wants?

The media is still predominantely liberal, says Buchanan.

Katrina only repeats, the sexism is not the only thing that led to her position, losing the election, coming in second place.

Buchanan tries to press Katrina, but she's not budging, or supporting her contention with any examples.

Katrina says oppression sweeps have not goteen progressives very far.

Buchanan says Katrina is suggesting we should divide the country by class not by race and sexism.

Barnacle suggests sexism does exist but the Clintons have used that fact in general in the campaign - he flat out says the Clintons have used sexism as a tool in the campaign for the Democratic Party nomination.

Wow. Barnacle hit the nail on the head. But he should have gone further and said they've used psychological warfare, pulling out every cliche, every negative belief that still exists.

Katrina not saying they've used sexism and (did she say racism) but it exists.

Barnacle says sure sexism exists, but...

Katrina wouldn't relent the point.

The point is sexism exists, racism exists, class separatists exist, and the Clintons have in reality used each and every divisive issue against their own people. The Democrats.

Chuck Todd wonders why delgates are waiting until now, who are they afraid to offend at this point.

Buchanan says Bill and Hillary, that's who.

This is no longer the party of the Clintons, says Todd.

Hey, Chuck, not if they have any more cultural divisions to divide the country with.

Want to bet another institute is created or another library funded and guess who will begin to contribute, or else all the dirty laundry will start trickling out.

Funny thing is. The Clintons could never find anything real dirty against Barack Obama. Or he's so secretly powerful, they don't dare air it.

Insider-Member of the Trilateral Commission, perhaps? CFR?

OK, enough already, there's just nothing there, or the websites would've spread the rumors by now and those would've been picked up by the mainstream pundits.

Net the Truth Online


NJ superdelegate accuses Clinton camp of divisive tactics


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