Thursday, June 19, 2008

Purple Dress Subliminal Michelle Obama Message?

Very interesting. Who'd have thought...

She Dresses to Win

...But it was particularly the color Michelle Obama chose Tuesday night that seemed symbolically rich, even if its message may have been so subtle as to be subliminal.

“I don’t know if that’s something they consciously thought about,” said Mr. Anthony, referring to the fact that purple is, as every schoolchild knows, created by mixing the primary colors red and blue.

Of course, political wives have always cut their clothes to suit their husband’s politics; as far back as the Harding presidency, chromatic manipulations were in play. “The color thing predates television,” said Mr. Anthony, noting the association between Warren Harding’s wife, Florence, and a pure delphinium blue she favored, a symbolism that permeated a 1920 campaign largely predicated on the sense that, as Malcolm Gladwell wrote in “Blink,” Harding was considered White House timber less on account of his qualifications than because he appeared presidential.

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