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Hillary Clinton: Ploy to Want VP Slot

The media is having withdrawal symptons to its addiction to the nomination process of the Democratic Party.

They haven't collectively stopped Hillary Clinton dead in her tracks even when Clinton made her most ludicrous remark ever.

Clinton said she's not only ahead in the popular vote, she's obtained the most popular votes ever, historically, in presidential Democratic Party nominations, in primaries.

Trouble with that is, the Democratic Party has historically held both primaries and caucuses in these nominations, and Barack Obama, to date, if the caususes he won are thrown in the popular vote category, if anybody could even obtain the actual numbers, has claim to more voters voting for Barack Obama than Hillary Clinton.

Clinton's math uses "estimates," the caucus states don't give actual final whole numbers, and the Hillary Clinton camp has relied on estimates.

Its own. Now who wants to be President bad enough that she'll use psychological warfare to obtain the presidency?

Hillary Clinton, according to Carl Bernstein a few months back. Search our site.

The Obama campaign even had to come out with a clarification of the math to pull supporters back to reality of Clinton's illusionary spin.

Election Unspun June 3 - Hillary Clinton's Disputed Popular Vote
Elections 2008

Hillary Clinton's Disputed Popular Vote


Now, Hillary Clinton is obviously planting the seed on the eve of her dramatic and final defeat: sure, I'll take the VP slot. The implications are clear, or else.

The information came out during Clinton's conference call with New York lawmakers.

Behind the scenes, if Clinton doesn't get the Presidency, she has got to be playing one last card to diminish Barack Obama's chances in the Fall.

She's not going to bow out lightly. Harold Ickes said as much during the Democratic National Committee Rules panel meeting.

Now just a few days later, Hillary Clinton is talking to New York supporters, and one of them just happens to ask her if she'd take the VP slot.

If Obama falls into the trap, look what happens.

Without Hillary Clinton on the ticket, Obama actually has a fair fight ahead of him against John McCain. He remains in polling beating McCain all by his lonesome. In fact, Republicans have stayed away from the Republican side of things, to, prompted by Rush Limbaugh go in and vote for Hillary Clinton just to muck things up there and prolong the inevitable since Obama swept Super Tuesday and beyond with 13 straight wins.

Republicans who remain conservatives don't cotten to John McCain, but add in the Clintons, and the Republican base of conservatives who dislike John MCCain and may still not turn out to vote for him in the Fall will be more than energized with the threat of Hillary Clinton at the helm, even second place at the helm, of American government.

They will register anew, switching back to Republican after either voting for Hillary in the Democratic Party or they'll switch from whatever third party they switched over to rather than vote for John McCain in the Primary. Anybody know whether the Constitutional Party, for instance, gained a third or so in new registrants?

those conservatives will turn out against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, to amass the largest turnout ever for John McCain.

Should Obama choose Hillary Clinton as VP, as the media would love to see, ca-ching ca-ching, the campaign for the Fall will be filled with talk of the Party that pulled itself together with two titans running together.

Should Obama falter along the way, it won't be Hillary Clinton's fault, she's his running mate.

The truth the media will suppress is how Hillary Clinton has every motive to appear to be supportive of Obama, and how easy that would be as his running mate, the magnanimous speeches she'll make on his behalf. But all the while she'll be plugging for herself. The message will be clear if Obama slips, if something else comes out about him from an anonymous source, or some new pastor arises from the dust, it won't be Hillary's fault.

Hillary Clinton knows how high her unfavorability rating is nationwide. She knows it's in the stratosphere among conservative Republicans. She would like nothing better for Obama's presidential campaign to become filled with talk about her and her negatives. She can take it. After all she's a fighter.

But ultimately with Republicans turning out in droves to defeat Clinton, Obama they could have taken, even over McCain, how much damage could Obama do in 8 years, Clinton will lose the election for Barack Obama.

Maybe that's what the powers that be have wanted all along. Obama to be the almost first black President of the United States.

something that will be unlikely to ever have a chance of happening twice.

We also have to question the South Dakota polls for the past month and just to yesterday Obama was polling in the double digits ahead of Clinton. Now all of a sudden, Hillary has a shot, sorry no pun intended, to pull far ahead of Obama even by 20-something points?

Where'd that come from? The powers that be, that's where. Just give Hillary Clinton South Dakota, and it's all up to Obama. Either way, Hillary Clinton remains ever the fighter to her supporters, and even if Obama loses in the Fall with Clinton at his side, well, she did everything, everything in her power to help him.

Even with low favorability, low likeability, low-low-low trustworthiness - she helped him to make this historical attempt for an African-American to become President of the United States.

Sure, we believe you Hillary, like we believe you didn't use every trick in the book up to this point to win the Presidency. If not this time, there's always one-term John McCain to run against in 2012. Of course you're not thinking that, right.

And surely, you'll choose Barack Obama as your running mate in 2012. Oh, what's that, you won't choose Barack Obama as your running mate. Too many negatives, too much baggage, and after all, he lost the election his first try. You know what they say about losers.

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Clinton says she's open to being Obama's VP


June 03, 2008
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Ickes on Obama


clinton not conceding tonight

In a speech to her supporters in New York, Clinton refused to concede the nomination to Obama despite widely reported projections he had the 2118 delegates he needed to clinch victory.

"This has been a long campaign and I will be making no decisions tonight," Clinton said.

New York Senator Clinton, 60, hailed Obama, 46, and his supporters "for all they accomplished," saying they had run an extraordinary race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

"Senator Obama has inspired so many Americans to care about politics and empowered so many more to get involved," she told supporters. "And our party and our democracy is stronger and more vibrant as a result."

She said she was committed to uniting the Democratic Party for the presidential election against McCain, but repeatedly talked about the nearly 18 million voters who chose her over Obama in the nomination battle.

Clinton said she would consult party leaders in coming days on how to move forward, but that, "This has been a long campaign, and I will be making no decisions tonight."


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