Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Global Warming bill

Climate Action Partnership calls for reduction carbon emissions, cap and trade measure.

Senator James Inhoffe says the bill if passed would bring on the largest tax increase in history. Glenn Beck tonight.

Beck discussed the issue previously.

Aired June 2, 2008 -
But first, welcome to the "Real Story." This week, I`m going to be keeping a special eye on the Senate, and you should too. Today they began debating the Lieberman-Warner cap and trade bill. Well, that sounds great. It`s a massive, nasty new effort to cut corporate America`s carbon emissions. Oh, it`s good for the planet.

So let me see, last month it was polar bears and now it`s greenhouse gases. Great, what`s next? Do we have to stop those evil tree-killing beavers, Congress?

While, the senators are saying the environment is as stake, the real story is the only environment I think that is at stake is America`s political environment. Congress is debating a bill on saving the environment. Not one member of the Senate could actually look you in the eye and say, it will make a difference. Because it won`t. It`s all about money.

And the longer you pay these kinds of gas prices while they save the polar bears and the Bacon Museums, the more disenfranchised we all become. Oh, but Glenn, this bill is going to cut emissions by 66 percent by 2050. Really? Not sure I`m sold on that, but thanks for playing the game. Not when you`re paying $4.00 a gallon for gasoline do I give a flying crap. Talk about adding literal fuel to the fire.

Here it is, America, the bill, especially when combined with Barbara Boxer`s amendment would lead to higher coal, higher gas, higher oil and food prices, even though all of these things are at historic highs.

According to estimates from the Environmental Protection Agency -- you know, that crazy right-wing organization -- oh, and the Energy Information Administration, two independent government agencies, your annual energy bill will increase by $325. Gas prices will increase by at least $1.50 a gallon. Manufacturing output will decrease by 10 percent. Which means, do you think they`d cut jobs if that happens? Our GDP they say will be reduced by almost $3 trillion by 2050.

By the way, just a reminder, 70 percent of our GDP is based on your spending, so reducing it must mean we have to reduce your spending power. That sounds like a good idea. So why would politicians, including all three presidential candidates, support the plan? Well, it`s because government will rake in $6.7 trillion.

That`s the trade part of the program, this according to the "Wall Street Journal." All this money will be used on things like the green job training. I love this one. Wildlife adaptation. I don`t even know what the hell that means.

They`re going to spend a lot of money on new international aid and Native American tribes. You know what? Instead of political posturing, our elected leaders should really be looking into real ways to solve our energy problem. Our truckers can`t afford the diesel they`re trying to put into the truck. Our leaders should be looking for oil everywhere they can. They should be cutting taxes on alternative fuel cars. They should be rewarding companies that find oil or new ideas to replace oil.

We are not the country that Congress sees. We are a country that solves problems. We`re not a problem that creates them. But instead, Washington is touting a plan which may hypothetically help slow down a hypothetical problem by raising actual energy prices, reducing actual American production, and giving you less actual money to spend.

If we continue down this path, it will not be Republicans against Democrats or capitalists against environmentalists. It will be the people against the government. They`ve got to wake up! We the people need to wake them up. Speak up. Governor Sarah Palin, she`s the governor of Alaska. She`s close enough to the people to actually hear the people and then respond to them. She is suing the federal government over the threatened species status of polar bears because it inhibits the state`s ability to search for oil...


Senate votes to begin global warming debate

By H. JOSEF HEBERT, Associated Press Writer
Mon Jun 2, 6:52 PM ET

WASHINGTON - The Senate began what is expected to be a weeklong, contentious debate Monday over legislation to combat global warming by mandatory reductions in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.


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