Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Barack Obama: Count the Lobbyists Pardonees Foreign Donors

All Barack Obama has to do is say gently but firmly that he's considered her among others he's considered to be his running mate, but has come to the conclusion there are lobbyists to numerous to count in the Clinton closet.

He could make some clever comment about the Clinton pardons and donations from foreigners to the Clinton Library, too.

That should stop the conjecture that Hillary Clinton could have any chance as Vice President. She'll just have to begin to groom her daughter to be her surrogate in 2016. Maybe the pair could seek the nomination for President in 2012, and split nearly even up 17 million Democrat voters in the 2012 Primary.

Chris Matthews gets it right, is she willing to obey the top guy given her independence. Whew, Chris, he goes even further and says he agrees she doesn't have the soul to be Vice President.

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List of President Bill Clinton Pardons January 20, 2001


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