Thursday, June 19, 2008

Prison Coming Around Again

Beware new prison for Fayette area still in the works

We thought this died down over 4-years ago when different approaches were proposed, including alternative programs. Obviously not. How quickly public officials forget the cost projections. Some $34 million! That's right. Let's see if another bond issue is proposed once the surplus is in part, reserved, for just such purposes.

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During the business meeting of the Fayette board of commissioners for May 22, 2008, a citizen made public comment on agenda items (how to spend the surplus, or not)about the need for a new county prison. Inevitable, said the citizen, this would cost, but it's necessary...

Board members responded, with Commissioner Zimmerlink saying this was something under consideration for years and the cost was discussed back at that time.

Alternative programs were also mentioned by Commissioner Vicites. Vicites said he favors a step-by-step approach, phasing in the project a bit at a time. He said the alternative incarceration programs had been effective and the population over time was reduced...

The board tabled the item to discuss/distribute surplus... without explanation. News reports of the next day and a followup special meeting explained what happened.



New Fayette Jail: Do it right the first time
Saturday, January 19, 2002

There's no question that Fayette County needs a new prison.
The average daily population in the century-old current jail continues to increase sharply (up 28 percent to 221 inmates in 2001).

Considering the building is only meant to safely house 180 inmates, the county jail is a disaster waiting to happen.

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