Thursday, June 12, 2008

John McCain Eye Twitcher Singer Bomb Bomb Bomb Iraq

Look at it this way, the man has an eye twitch, if you'll look closely when he's speaking or even greeting people in a line - it's his left eye, and it isn't simply blinking away sweat - it's a tic or a twitch.

Now he's 72 years old, and maybe this happens, but can we afford the twitching to happen when John McCain is seated across the table from a leader of another country, negotiating something, or discussing whatever?

Imagine McCain back bent though he's trying to sit up straight, and his face begins to twitch, twitch, twitch while he's speaking forcefully.

Right, we believe that twitch doesn't mean anything.

Just like we believe the pundits and experts discussing politics and stating "age doesn't matter."

Age does matter.

Age matters when coupled with mannerisms that mean something - stress, ill health, and worse, the mannerisms are apparently uncontrollable.

Just the image we need to have presented on our behalf. The President can't control his eye-twitching but we expect him to take control of any situation even at 3 a.m. in the morning.

Age does matter. coupled with McCain's recent and continuing flubs regarding Shiite and Sunni, having to be corrected by sidekick Joe Lieberman, you bet age matters.

He doesn't recall correctly Shiite and Sunni, what else will he unconsciously misstate. He didn't even realize he'd made a mistake until Joe Lieberman sets him straight.

Now he's seated across from whomever and his eye twitches all the while one of his advisor's say Joe Lieberman whispers in his ear, uhoh, John, it's this way, not what you're saying.

Hear the laughter.

Worse, he thought his bomb, bomb, bomb Iraq refrain was a decent joke. Decent, one that he could actually say, and repeat the word more than once.

Nobody laughed and he thought everybody would just forget, like he has.

Is this the leader of the free world anybody wants to see engaged in negotiations with anybody?

The General Election will be over before it arrives the instant a 507 group or creates a 3 a.m. ad featuring John McCain taking a teleconference call before he gets his face made up and his eye twitches uncontrollably.

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894th out of 899!

After the last eight years of entitled stupidity and stupendous incompetence by a likable but belligerent, stubborn legacy with major father issues, can we afford another 40 watt light bulb flickering dimly in the Oval Office? Do any of us really want to live in a country where our president--the leader of the free world--finished 894th out of 899 in anything having to do with rankings of brain power or performance?

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