Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TEA Party Protest Result Third Party Potential Asks Cavuto

Broadcasting Live from Sacramento, California, Neil Cavuto put the question to Michele Malkin. Malkin unfortunately didn't quite answer clearly. She noted this was a grassroots group across the country upset with the financial bailouts during Bush's Administration and the current Obama Administration.

She mumbled they were aware who had voted against principles of limited government and high deficit spending, and those who hadn't would be rewarded.

Cavuto then turned his attention to a group he said took a bus in and consisted of the Hollywood elite, conservatives? Libertarians? John Ratzenberger introduced.

No idea who he is, other than a reference to Pixar films... Cavuto interviews for several minutes. Thinks the rally is more than Obama... before Obama... Freddie Mac and Fannie May... that's where it started, he said...

Interesting, but not much to go on as far as Cavuto's theme question he posed to Malkin. will the TEA Party Protests, disgruntled fed-up with both political parties, lead to a push for support of a Third Party candidacy if the message is the one TEA Party protestors want to hear and respond to?

Cavuto catches a man willing to pitch the final words of the broadcast. We need a voice, the man said, somebody to listen to us. They're not listening in the state or Congress...

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Why We're Covering Tea Party Protest
Thursday, April 09, 2009

You might have heard we're going to be out in Sacramento a week from today to cover this tea party protest. You might also have heard a lot of other news organizations are not.

I know why we're there. I'm not quite sure why they're not. Apparently these populist protests don't count much for them.

Millions concerned they're being taxed and fee'ed to death counts even less for them.

But a Million Man March that turns out to be well shy of a million men, even a half-million men, does count for them.

We covered the follow-up marches to that Million Man March. Because no matter the number, it was a big deal. And its message about personal responsibility was an even bigger deal.

You see, we didn't pick and choose our protests. We covered those against the Iraq war. Just as we did the far less publicized rallies for the Iraq war.

Some of us had serious questions about global warming, but that didn't get in the way of our covering protests railing against global warming. That's just being fair and balanced.

Here's what's not: Deciding what protests fit a politically correct litmus test. Apparently, protests against big government do not. Protests demanding more government do...,2933,513880,00.html

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