Thursday, April 09, 2009

Obama Bow or Long Hand Stretching to Greet Saudi King?

We've seen the video which reportedly shows President Barack Obama bowing to Saudi King Abdullah', but note from the angle is such it's difficult to tell if Obama had possibly dropped a personalized handkerchief or some other item he went to retrieve.

Did Obama bow to Saudi king? See video
White House aide speaking anonymously: ‘It wasn’t a bow ... he’s taller than King Abdullah’,w-obama-saudi-king-bow040809.article

At any rate, despite what we may think happened, the White House spokesperson provided a reason for the appearance of the action:

The Saudi King is shorter by far than President Obama and President Obama was extending himself downward in order to greet accordingly.

Fox 'n Friends is hoppin on this one, so guess we'll have those little tiffs around the Easter basket this weekend.

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