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Susan Boyle: unique 47-year old talent humor "that's one side of me"

Who's calling the woman frumpy didn't see beyond the outer woman. So her hair is nest-curly. So her arms aren't First Lady Michele Obama fit. Susan Boyle has class and humor. Imagine, asked how old she is, Boyle responds:

47 years old, and that's just one side of me!

Really now, who spontaneously at that age comes out with not only her real age, but pokes fun at her age and competing nonetheless in front of thousands of audience members primed to reject the spinster!

Erma Bombeck made a career of it, why not Boyle!

What was stunning after the comedy, she went right into the opposite. Serious.

A song from Les Miserables, no less. Not that we're judges of talent, but the heart was heard loud and clear.

She's making the covers of many newspapers around the world, too. Maybe the Obama's will invite her to the White House after her next stunning performance.

Love the outfit first time. she actually has what's called an hour-glass shape.

Can't wait to see what she's wearing for her next round.

And read more views that generate this kind of issue-discussion about capitalism vs government collectivism...

The Why is no one Suspicious writer doesn't believe. While Simon may play to the camera he's not adverse to slamming the talent-less. Makes some of 'em cry, in fact, with his barbs. Had Boyle not had any 'budding' or 'actual' talent on display, Simon would not have said, 'you can return home to your little hamlet, village with your head held high, you've got 3 yeses.'

Instead he've had said in his way, you can return to your little hamlet, village, with your head hung as low as most of your 47-year old parts.

Simon isn't cowering in the shadows in the U.S., and it's got to be the same over there, or else he'd lose face, whatever his 'youthful' age.

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Our dreams Boyle over

...A Facebook Fan Page dedicated to Boyle has over 22,000 fans, and, as of this writing, has been increasing at a rate of 1,000 fans per hour. You can expect to hear about a Boyle record sometime soon, because this kind of support proves she already has a fan base, even after only singing one song.

In any other year, at any other time, it’s possible that Susan Boyle’s story would just be a nice Cinderella type of tale that reminds us you can’t judge a book by its cover. However, this year, in the midst of a global recession, with so many hard-working people unemployed and out of luck, Susan’s story transcends the cynically colored glasses by which we now view humanity’s successes.

Yes, she has an incredible talent most of us do not have, but if someone with a story like Susan’s can overcome what she’s lived through to become an instant star, then perhaps each of us can persevere and make good on our dreams.

Even the way in which Boyle has come into our lives, via a reality TV show fueled by capitalistic aspirations, is a reminder that, in spite of its travails, capitalism is a system that provides each of us an opportunity at success.

If ever we needed Susan Boyle, we needed her now...


Michael Metrick:April 16, 2009 at 6:56 am

Kudos for calling it like it is! All you folks expressing disdain for the “capitalist” comment should remember this: when the State runs the economy and industry, eventually it will begin to try to run your personal life as well. The collectivists will try to impose their decisions as to who becomes a doctor, who becomes a steelworker, etc. Want to open your own business? Sorry, Big Brother says there’s too many dry cleaners, bad for the state run economy, bad for our collective good. In such a society, there would never be an opportunity for a Susan Boyle to shine. God bless her! And God bless the free market for providing her a stage!

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Susan Boyle Stuns 'Britain's Got Talent' Audience and Even Simon Cowell
...As she was interviewed by Simon Cowell on "Britain's Got Talent," everything about her stage presence--from her dress to her hairstyle to her choice to avoid make-up to her age--seemed to say this was going to be one of those Gong moments for the show.

This CNN clip of her performance shows some wonderful before and after pictures of the audience members. Before the song, it was obvious they didn't expect much. Nor did Simon. Miss Boyle said her goal was to become a professional singer. "Why hasn't it worked out so far," he asked. Her confident, poised and cheerful response should have given us an idea of what was next.

I've never been given the chance before, here's hoping it'll change," she beamed.


An audience ready to laugh and ridicule became synchronized in their amazement, applause, cheers, and instant respect for the gifted woman singing before them.

Piers Morgan gave her "the biggest 'yes' of his career!" It's possible she'll go a long way in the competition. And I hope she does, because she is a living example of one of things I absolutely despise about our media-driven culture. The idea that women need to be young, thin, tabloid-friendly, and discovered by the time they're 25 is an unhealthy as it is foundationless. There are so many gifted people who hold no hope of ever being discovered for their talents. They go undiscovered except for their close friends and perhaps some church attendees. And it shouldn't be that way. And we know it.

That is why I was inspired not only by her song, but by the crowd's reaction. Everyone loved it! They loved her! They were touched by her raw talent, her beautiful voice, and became instant fans. The part about each of us that is quick to judge is also quick to respond to excellence and beauty. We should be quicker to look for the beauty in people, and I'm not sure our media-driven culture trains us to do that.

Scotland lines up behind Susan Boyle, unlikely star of Britain's Got Talent
Britain's Got Talent standout Susan Boyle has already found backing from an army of Scottish fans.

Britain's Got Talent standout Susan Boyle has already found backing from an army of Scottish fans.

The unlikely singing star of Saturday’s first show dazzled with a stunning version of I Dreamed A Dream from Les Misérables, which you can find on our catchup site, with many viewers already tipping her to win the show....

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