Thursday, April 16, 2009

Horowitz: PSU English Classes Consumer Fraud

Horowitz may be on to the kind of material that keeps him in the "invitation" pool of "right-wing authors" by whatever conservative organizations, but when the title of his book indicates the United States foundation is a "democracy" we have to question whether he really ditched his liberal past for true "independent" thinking.

The United States was founded as a "republic"... if you can keep it...

Class over.

He does present food for thought highlighting PSU English classes are committing "consumer fraud" by presenting themes he says "like racism and the environment, including global warming theories.

We see nothing wrong with themes in English classes, of course, based on the contingency that students are enabled to express themselves even to the contrary of the "concensus" on global warming, and whatever other issues can be challenged with resources and experts cited.

We have provided just such on Net the Truth Online on a host of issues... Check out our sidebar info.

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Horowitz takes on ‘radical’ professors
Wednesday, Apr. 15, 2009
Horowitz takes on ‘radical’ professors
Lauren Boyer For the CDT
UNIVERSITY PARK — Armed with a bodyguard, right-wing author and thinker David Horowitz said he considers himself a “cockeyed optimist” for returning to Penn State to once again spread his message of getting educated, not indoctrinated.

“The teacher’s function is to teach students how to think,

not what to think, ” Horowitz told an audience of 50 students and community members in Forum Building on Tuesday night.

The last time Horowitz visited Penn State was in 2006.

Sponsored by Young Americans for Freedom, Horowitz’s talk focused on his new book,
“One Party Classroom: How Radical Professors at America’s Top Colleges Indoctrinate Students and Undermine Our Democracy.”
The book includes an in-depth analysis of 150 course offerings at 12 major universities, including Penn State.

On Tuesday, Horowitz discussed Penn State’s women’s studies department’s role as “a political party dedicated to several propositions that gender and race are socially constructed.”

This “intellectual garbage,” he added, is actually political indoctrination posing as classes and teaching people that social hierarchies prevent women and minorities from advancing in society.

“A hierarchy is when there’s an actual ceiling to what you can achieve,” Horowitz said. “How can there be a race or gender hierarchy if the most powerful man in America is black?”

Horowitz continued to describe an incident at Penn State where a student giving a speech in class showed Danish satirical cartoons portraying a perversion of Islam. The student was threatened with a lower grade after a Muslim student complained about the cartoon, Horowitz added.

“Though some people think its offensive, that’s the price you pay to live in a free society,” Horowitz said. “The First Amendment gives everyone the right to embarrass themselves in public and also offend people. How many people think Martin Luther King’s speeches might have offended racists?”

In this hostile, left-wing environment, Horowitz said, it’s liberal students who actually suffer the most.

“Liberal students never have their views challenged,” he said. “It softens their brains around issues. You’re paying tuition, but you’re not really being educated.”

Horowitz also criticized freshman English classes at Penn State as being “consumer fraud,” because they take on “themes” like racism and the environment, including global warming theories...

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