Thursday, April 16, 2009

1000 TEA Party Rallies Across USA Ignored by MSM

We're as puzzled as Fox News Network and the trio at Fox 'n Friends. Hundreds of thousands of individuals, no matter how they are organized, with some help from already established organizations, or not, completely independently, are sleighted by the so-called Main Stream Media. The trio had just interviewed Janet Napolitano before covering the rallies and having Michele Malkin report and comment on the rally she according to them helped 'organize.'

They highlighted a clip from a CNN report which made You Tube. (We posted y'day)

Sad a CNN reporter inserted her own opinion into her coverage, saying without even a "quote" from another person, these TEA parties were promoted by the Fox News network...

Her implication was so why trust anything these individuals carrying signs and babies are saying.

Why trust? Reporters aren't supposed to make such judgements, but are supposed to cover the news and the people out there making the statements.

Then, after the report which should stick to the basics WWWWW, editorialists across the country or bloggers can choose to portray the "news" however they want.

They can be biased and leave out the facts that not a single TEA Party rally for instance was funded by Richard Mellon Scaife...

But reporters are supposed to present the facts as clearly and accurately as possible.

That doesn't appear to have happened with the one CNN reporter noted.

In an effort to find out the answers to Who What When Why Where we've added material gathered and submitted to us by RF for your information.

We're asking was the Tea Party co-organized and co-created by the Grassroots and Establishment Insiders?

It's fascinating to watch whether the Tea Party movement will impact elections in the coming months and years.

Here's some info to determine the roots of the Tea Party phenomenon.

Four big organizations of interes:
Freedomworks (Armey and Steve Forbes)
Americans For Prosperity
Liberty First PAC
Our Country Deserves Better


Liberty First PAC:

Contributor disagrees more with the analysis in the following link

Americans For Prosperity:

Our Country Deserves Better:

Net the Truth Online

'Tea party' protests taxes, government spending at Westmoreland courthouse
Buzz up!By Jennifer Reeger, TRIBUNE-REVIEW
Thursday, April 16, 2009

About 500 people braved a cold rain Wednesday afternoon in front of the Westmoreland County Courthouse and partied like it was 1773.

The protesters turned out in the spirit of that year's iconic Boston Tea Party, rallying against taxes and government spending in one of about 500 similar demonstrations nationwide.

Yesterday's deadline for filing federal taxes gave a backdrop to people who said they are angry about the bailouts of banks and car companies that started under the Bush administration and opposed to President Obama's $787 billion stimulus plan.

"No more spending. No more bailouts. We don't need that," said Darin Donnelly of Harrison City, one of the speakers. "We will work with our own hands to build this nation."

The nonpartisan Tea Party was organized by volunteers and coordinated with the other protests, including one in Pittsburgh's Market Square. A similar rally Saturday on Pittsburgh's North Shore drew an estimated 4,500 people and ended with participants dumping tea and fish food into the Allegheny River.

At the Pittsburgh rally yesterday, about 1,000 people gathered to hear speeches by radio talk show host Jim Quinn and businessman Glen Meakem, as well as leaders of several grassroots organizations. People in the crowd held up homemade signs with slogans such as "Give me liberty, not debt" and "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention."

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