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Both parties lost the people's trust

There are so few registered Republicans in this neck of the woods, and if this is one, or even if not, this writer hits where the hitting should be.

It's heartening to see a letter stating the truth, no matter who the truth hurts.

I don't think that there is any doubt that members of both parties have lost the people's trust. (John Catlett, Editorial board duped by Dems
04/02/2009 letter to editor Herald-Standard)

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Editorial board duped by Dems
Updated 04/02/2009 01:13:15 AM EDT
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I notice that between Paul Sunyak and Al Owens, the Herald-Standard seems to hold that the only good Republican is a dead Republican, and even then you won't let them rest in peace. It's kind of hard to believe that anyone who has witnessed the corruption in Pennsylvania and the debacle in Illinois, the number of cabinet nominees who have had to decline or withdraw on the federal level because of tax issues, could be so asinine as to think there are more good politicians in one party than the other. It should be obvious to anyone with reasonable intelligence that neither party is deserving of defense or praise.

Mr. Sunyak, you pointed out that if Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal would just name the Republicans who have lost the peoples' trust, they could be voted out of office. It is easy to recognize this hypocrisy because the Herald-Standard editorial board endorsed Bill DeWeese, John Murtha and Ed Rendell in the last election, and I believe that all of them have lost the peoples' trust. Not only lost it, but pretty much obliterated it. After years of railing against some of these politicians, you still endorsed them when they held out the carrot of "jobs - good-paying jobs," as they always do. Your elite, highly intelligent "board" fell for it again.
One of the biggest problems with our government is that the same people get elected over and over and over. They develop a sense of entitlement and amass a fortune in campaign funds from people who are trying to purchase favors.

Let's face it, our government is no longer "of and for" the people unless those people are well connected or wealthy, preferably both. I don't think that there is any doubt that members of both parties have lost the people's trust.

Pennsylvania is and always has been predominately Democrat ruled. It has one of the biggest, best-paid legislatures in the country (to attract the "best" qualified) and it hasn't helped us. We simply have more overpaid crooks that don't care about the state, the county, or country. They just care about their own little piece of the pie and horde it and nibble away at it like the rats that they are. Instead of endorsing them, why don't we vote them out of office? Just because they are entrenched Democrats doesn't mean that they are good for our state.

Vince Fumo said that he destroyed his e-mails and other correspondence because he was afraid of George Bush coming after him. This elevated Bush's status as far as I am concerned; if only the terrorists were as petrified of him. If there was nothing incriminating in his correspondence, why destroy it?

Statements like Fumo's are not made out of desperation, they are made out of contempt for the public. Fumo believes that the people are so stupid that they will believe anything. The reason that our politicians believe this is that we keep voting them back in, no matter what they do or don't do.

We feel safer with the devil we do know that the uncertainty of maybe electing one that we don't.

John Catlett


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