Thursday, April 09, 2009

Glenn Beck Tactics Sillier than Anything We've Seen

On Glenn Beck tonight, Beck went a bit overboard on his props to demonstrate how the public is being inflamed by the bailouts, the spending by Obama on bridges to nowhere, and divisive issues like so-called comprehensive reform for illegal immigration.

Holding a can of water (which was supposed to look like a can of gasoline) he poured the contents all over his co-host for the moment, Bill from Fox's Red Eye.

As he talked, Bill's gyrations were so much more interesting, we didn't catch all of what Beck said.

when he was done pouring, he said where's the match, it's like we're being set on fire, Beck said.

Say what? who approved this one for Beck, or did he manage an unbreakable contract for several years? The demo didn't work for us. He should've at least let Bill speak first, then given Bill the can and let Bill pour the water all over Glenn.

We hope Bill from Red Eye sends Glenn Beck a really nice thank you for the memories surprise gift he has to open on the air.

a snake.

Oh my poor Bill is still sitting through 15 more minutes of Beck interviewing a Governor whoever. We didn't catch his name either.

Whatever, the spot simply diminishes Glenn Beck's message. Only Colbert can get away with the message wrapped up in a joke.

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